The emotional impact of memories

The emotional impact of memories

The emotional impact of memories

An individual’s memories, as suggested by individual therapists in Orlando can hold intense and impactful emotions. Such memories can be triggered by an event or an individual who turns an abstract memory into a tangible experience. When this happens, the individual needs a system or a way of coping with the memories and not allowing them to become the current state of mind.

Individual therapy in Orlando is a great avenue for this as it can work with the person on how to cope with powerful memories and, even better, discuss what and why certain emotions are tied to those memories and how impactful they truly are. A person may not know why a memory will hold the emotional weight that it does but that doesn’t mean that they don’t deserve to find out.

Trauma therapy and individual counseling techniques such as emotion-focused, psychodynamic, and EMDR therapy in Orlando can be great avenues for pinpointing the emotional state of these memories. Once that is done, an individual can learn how to restructure the memories in a positive light.

Working through the emotional complexities of memories takes time and therefore it is not a quick in and out process. It does take dedication, but with time the person can understand how to process the memories so they are not triggering and rather enlighten the person's awareness. Overall this can lead to increasing the quality of life the person has.

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