Signs and Symptoms of Depression

Signs and Symptoms of Depression

Signs and Symptoms of Depression

Approximately 280 million people suffer from depression across the globe. Because depression is so widely common, it is a disorder that you should take the time to recognize and understand in the event that it touches your life in some way. Whether you suffer from it, or you have friends or family members that have bouts of depression, you want to understand how to recognize the signs so you can offer your support and guidance. In counseling in Windermere, we work with many people to overcome and battle through their depression. These are some of the most common signs and symptoms of depression.

Depressed Mood

Like the name suggests, the most common and easily recognizable sign is that you may be in a depressed state for a prolonged period of time. No matter what you do each day to feel happier, it might seem out of reach. These feelings of sadness, emptiness, or hopelessness should be expressed to avoid them becoming too overwhelming mentally.

Lack of Energy

Fatigue and tiredness are also signs that you may be suffering from depression. When you struggle to get out of bed in the morning, or you would rather spend your entire afternoon sleeping, you may be overwhelmed from everyday responsibilities. However, when this becomes a constant habit or you struggle each and every day, you may want to seek help for depression.

Feelings of Worthlessness or Even Guilt

Many people that struggle with depression also have moments where they do not feel worthwhile. They may feel empty or lost. It is common for those with depression to have many doubts or lack self-confidence, as their emotions towards themselves are also negative. You may feel guilty for saying no to social plans, but you still do not have the desire to go. This constant struggle can also cause anxieties or constant worrying.

Angry Outbursts or Irritability

When you are suffering from depression, you may struggle to find anything that makes you happy. Over time, this can lead to angry outbursts or just overall irritability. You may always be walking out with a moody presence, becoming frustrating over the smallest matters. If you feel irritable all the time, seek the help of a counselor to work through these emotions so you can start on the path to a happier life.

Suicidal Thoughts

Depression can also cause suicidal thoughts that can be recurring, painful, or intrusive. When you suffer from suicidal thoughts, you need to seek medical assistance and talk to someone immediately. This can save your life. These intrusive thoughts can become overwhelming, and they can lead you to make rash decisions without thinking. Anytime you start to feel these thoughts coming on, talk to a trusted individual.

When you notice these signs, you may want to seek help for depression. Talk with a doctor for medications they may recommend to treat your depression or consider counseling in Windermere to talk through different coping strategies for daily life.

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