Seven Common Issues Marriage Counselors Can Assist You With

Seven Common Issues Marriage Counselors Can Assist You With

Seven Common Issues Marriage Counselors Can Assist You With

There are many reasons that partners may choose to seek help and get marriage counseling in Winter Park. However, marriage counselors encounter some common themes when couples seek support for their marriage. Most marriage counselors are comfortable handling and helping couples deal with these issues, but there are undoubtedly many other common marital problems that therapists can address in counseling.

Remarriage and Blending Families

After people have been divorced once, they are more likely to be slightly nervous about getting remarried. And according to statistics, this is understandable. The divorce rates for second unions are even higher than for first marriages. And for mates who already have children, blending two households can be problematic. Marriage counselors can help couples make a smoother transition and overcome obstacles and impediments to remarriage.

Family of Origin Issues

In-laws can become more than a superficial nuisance in many marriages. Family of origin issues can undoubtedly lead to severe marital problems. Establishing healthy boundaries can be difficult for many people, particularly when they grow up in dysfunctional families. Common problems include how much time to spend with your extended family or deciding what role they will play in your life. Marriage counselors can help couples identify strategies to keep their connection healthy despite issues with a family of origin.

Mental Health Issues

When one spouse has a mental health problem, it definitely influences the couple. Mental health problems such as despair and anxiety can take a toll over time. Other mental health problems, such as bipolar disorder, can hamper a couple's ability to sustain a healthy relationship. Couples often benefit from attending counseling together to discover how to work together to treat and manage mental illness.


Grief presents in many forms. Whether spouses are grieving a miscarriage, the loss of a child, or the loss of a parent, it can be devastating to a marriage. A marriage counselor can help couples work through grief problems together, so their grief doesn't rip them apart.

Physical Health Problems

Physical health has a significant impact on a marriage. As a team encounters a gradual, age-related deterioration in health, it can seriously interfere with their actions and intimate connection. Other couples, sadly, experience a substantial illness or misfortune that can drastically make a significant difference in their marriage. For example, if one partner is incapable of working, contributing to household duties, or helping with daily activities, it can lead to a lot of marital issues if it is left unaddressed.


Addiction is a familiar reason that couples seek support. And addiction doesn't always have to involve drugs and alcohol. Cybersex or internet obsessions and gambling addictions are typical as well. Sometimes individual or group therapy is also needed to treat an addiction thoroughly.


Dealing with cheating is a significant reason for couples to seek assistance. However, recovering from an affair or even choosing whether or not to attempt and work through an affair is complex. A marriage counselor can help the partners address the cause of infidelity and work through trust issues and the many emotions associated with an affair.

These are just some of the problems that couples can address in marriage counseling in Winter Park. Contact us today to schedule your first visit.

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