Self-Care is Not Selfish

Self-Care is Not Selfish

Self-Care is Not Selfish

Think about the last time you took a trip on a plane. Now try to recall what your flight attendant said during her safety demonstration. If you're like us, it's simple to tune it out because it feels like the demonstration is consistently the same. Of course, there may be some subtle differences depending on the kind of plane you're traveling on or the airline. However, one thing that appears to be uniform among all airplane safety demonstrations is their instructions about what you do if the air pressure in the cabin shifts and the oxygen masks fall from overhead. Do you remember your instructions regarding those oxygen masks when you're sitting next to a kid? As grown-ups, we are taught to put the oxygen mask on ourselves first and then on kids around us.

Even though that instruction is counterintuitive, if you were to try putting on your child's oxygen mask first and then pass out halfway through, neither one of you would have an oxygen mask on. Thus, not taking care of yourself first in an emergency situation would risk your child's life. But, on the other hand, if the plane falls out of the sky and you do the counterintuitive thing by putting your oxygen mask on first, you ensure that you are still conscious to ensure your child's well-being.

Self-Care as a Selfless Deed

Our counseling services in Winter Park remind you that you'll burn out if you run into the ground by always focusing on helping everybody else but neglecting yourself. At some point, you'll become short with people around you, experience mental exhaustion and start forgetting things right and left, constantly be distracted, and possibly not have the physical ability to keep up with everything you want to do.

Taking care of your needs is one of the best things we can do for others. It lets you be present for others and get things that are important to you done. If you listen to your mental, emotional, and physical needs, you will have the mental, emotional, and bodily strength to help others. Even in small doses, self-care is like putting on your oxygen mask first. By taking care of yourself, you guarantee you will be there for others.

Self-care also models good patterns for people you care about. For example, if your kids see you taking care of yourself, they retain those habits for themselves. The same can go for workers. For example, if you are a manager and your employees see that you take a lunch break every day, they understand that is the expectation and culture of your workplace. As a result, they will be more likely to take a break for lunch which research shows helps them be more effective and less burnt out.

Prioritize Your Self-Care

Are you weary of being exhausted and willing to fill your cup so you have more to give others? Our counseling services in Winter Park help you find healing to be the best version of yourself.

If you or someone you love struggles to maintain mental and emotional health, consider reaching out to us. We believe in offering counseling services that genuinely work because you deserve to feel better. Contact us today!

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