Scoping the lens of anxiety

Scoping the lens of anxiety

Scoping the lens of anxiety

Are you struggling with anxiety and looking for ways to feel better? You are not alone. Anxiety is something that we all face and it can warp and change your reality into seeing a lot of bad and not a lot of good. One of the hardest things we can do is to scope the lens of anxiety when it is activated. Dr. Phillips anxiety therapists utilize skills and techniques to understand what triggers an individual’s anxiety. Through this process, someone suffering from anxiety symptoms can pinpoint triggers and work on relief from panic, chronic worry, or stress.

Anxiety therapy Dr. Phillips educates the client on the root causes of anxiety issues. Anxiety is more emotion-based, meaning, that when you are feeling intense emotions, anxiety kicks in to alert you of danger. Your body produces adrenaline to help you prepare for what is next. The physical reaction can cause you to panic and worry.

How An Anxiety Therapist Helps

Your anxiety therapist in Dr. Phillips will teach you to scope your anxiety by focusing on the activating event, rather than just on the feeling you are having. This will help you to find relief from the overwhelming wave that happens when all your related feelings tied to a specific event or emotion creates crippling anxiety. It is a lot easier said than done but being able to practice with an anxiety therapist can help you regain control rather than succumb to the anxiety.

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