Navigating the Anxiety of Online Dating

Navigating the Anxiety of Online Dating

Navigating the Anxiety of Online Dating

How do I pick the right people from online dating apps? How do I avoid something like the Tinder Swindler? These are questions you might be asking yourself and still wondering if online dating is right for me? Online dating is becoming coined as dating of the future. Between mobile apps and websites that allow you to connect with individuals from anywhere in the world in the pursuit of love and intimacy, the entire online world of dating can be overhwleming. While this gives way to great opportunities for the individual to find, it can also give a rise to the increasing relationship anxiety an individual may feel. 

What is Relationship Anxiety

This relationship anxiety is surrounded by the motives that a potential partner may have, fear of judgement from others, or how one is presenting themselves. These and so many more can take something that is meant to only be a great asset and tool and turn it into something that can cause more distress and worry. Therefore, individual therapists in Orlando are at the forefront to address these anxious pathways and thinking. 

Techniques to Cope With Dating Anxiety

Mindfulness and self-confidence-based principles are a great steppingstone to navigating this anxiety. Mindfulness for remaining calm and collected and self-confidence for knowing one's worth and self-acceptance. Also, challenging any negative thoughts one may have about themselves is another great avenue to use as the persona; thoughts one keeps inside can create an anxious reality where the person is only believing the negatives about themselves. 

A big part of online dating is having self-confidence. This self-confidence is appreciating the great qualities that make the person who they are and owning their unique skill set and positive qualities. It is this self-confidence that needs to be present to earn the care and love that the person deserves without settling for anything less. Online dating can make one settle, but it is also a great tool to find the love that they are deserving of. Individual anxiety therapy in Orlando can be a great tool for finding this type of love and how to recognize it from someone over a social media device

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