Knowing your Emotional Personality

Knowing your Emotional Personality

Knowing your Emotional Personality

Personality is something that is unique to each person. It can be said by mental health counselors in Orlando and professionals that no two personalities are alike. This is because there is a diverse range of factors that contribute to the development of an individual’s personality. Lifespan development and life growth impact personality on a large scale. The experiences during that time shape your values and moral reasoning which shape your emotional personality.  Individual therapists in Orlando have begun exploring what the emotional personality is and how someone can understand the transition they make into this personality. Understanding this level of your personality can not only improve your quality of life but allow for a deeper connection with yourself.

What is my emotional personality of myself?

Dissociative Identity Personality Disorder (DID) refers to an individual with memory loss contributed to switching between personalities. These personalities tend to be individual “people” and often have no integration with the other personalities. Reading about emotional personality and making it this far, if you are thinking you have DID then let’s slow the anxious thought for a moment. A vast majority of individuals have their own emotional personality which is significantly more common as compared to DID which requires extensive diagnosing and evaluation. The emotional personality is the version of yourself that you notice that comes out when emotions, or triggering emotions, are being activated. This personality comes out to defend you and help cope with the external stimuli that are being presented to you.  The emotional personality is not something to be afraid or anxious about but is something that can be noted. It can come out in different scenarios or situations and understanding the why is beneficial in the long run!

When does the emotional personality come out?

Just as personality varies per person, it can also apply to what allows the emotional personality to come out. The emotional personality can present itself in an array of situations. The most common ones are if there is a perceived threat that you are receiving, and the emotional personality is activated by the emotional triggers you are feeling. That personality comes to the forefront as a defense mechanism. Another stimulus would be substance use. Substances are most often used to numb emotions as noted by experts and professionals in mental health. Therefore, the emotional personality shows itself through the usage of the substances and therefore the person using the substances is a “different person”. Therefore, it can be hard to break the cycle of addiction. There are many different ways that the emotional personality can come out and speaking with a trained mental health counselor can uncover more ways that apply to you!

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