Is CBT the right therapy for me?

Is CBT the right therapy for me?

Is CBT the right therapy for me?

Individual CBT, cognitive behavioral therapy in Orlando, is derived towards working with individual clients who need assistance in navigating stress but how to react and engage in a certain time and place. Often, the emotional mind as noted by DBT, dialectical behavioral therapists in Orlando, constructs the idea that the person knows how to respond in a situation by relying on what was previously learned and experienced.

The Emotional Mind

The emotional mind kicks in when the person is feeling their emotions and having the emotions dictate the course of behaviors to follow for the person. Mental health therapy uncovers negative emotional patterns that dictate behavior in this way. It allows the client to identify how potential expectations can lead to faulty cognitions and create stress and distress.

Learning About Expectations

There is, however, a benefit to having expectations. Through CBT, cognitive behavioral therapy in Orlando, the thought of expectations can be cognitively reframed to how to be prepared and show this preparedness. This preparedness can lead an individual to know how someone, or something will react and be able to prepare for that exact situation.

How Does CBT work?

CBT is a form of therapy most commonly used as a foundation in counseling for any age. Doing this therapy process can cause less stress, less worry and anxious thinking. The client learns how to instill more confidence and create a situation where the person focuses on what they need to do, not the reactions and behaviors of the external world.

CBT Reframes Thinking

CBT therapists in Orlando help you cognitively reframe negative thinking patterns, reach you how to look at expectations differently, and utilize the opportunity to create self-preparedness. Through techniques such as role playing and visualization, the you can be prepared and ready for anything. This creates and builds more upon the habit of keeping developing the skills to learn how to stay calm and relaxed all the while instilling a positive self-image of yourself through your own lens.

Expectations can be a scary and slippery slope, but only if you allow it to be that way. Instead, use your expectations to your advantage and be prepared for anything by holding onto the power that you have always essentially had. CBT therapists in Orlando can help you with this process and get you to the best version of yourself you’d like to be.

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