If You Struggle With Anxiety, Yoga Might Help!

If You Struggle With Anxiety, Yoga Might Help!

If You Struggle With Anxiety, Yoga Might Help!

Life is full of situations that make us feel overwhelmed or anxious. For instance, talking in front of large crowds of people, attending a new school, and trying to ace a significant job interview – all of these occasions can make us anxious, leading to performance anxiety and sleepless nights.

Our specialists on anxiety counseling in Orlando remind us that the danger begins when this worry becomes persistent, overwhelming, and interrupts daily life. At this juncture, normal concern evolves into a full-blown anxiety disorder.

While you should confer with a certified therapist about creating a plan for treating your anxiety disorder, yoga is a valuable and unassuming path to gain some relief from signs like difficulties sleeping, muscle tension, and chronic digestive problems. Yoga can help calm anxiety in a few different ways:

1. Yoga Creates Confidence

Anxiety can result from a shortage of confidence in our ability to endure adverse circumstances, either genuine or theoretical, that may arise. For instance, we are not scared of public speaking, but we are terrified that we will somehow mess it up.

Yoga is a powerful confidence-builder because it enables us to support our bodies and minds simultaneously. The process includes body poses and breathing techniques, along with ancient contemplation approaches, which can help you feel relaxed, centered, and capable of tolerating any situation that transpires in your life.

2. Yoga Shifts Your Mind from the Negative Spiral

What can you do when your brain seems stuck on an endless loop of harmful and problematic thoughts? First, distract it with other thoughts. Yoga trains you to concentrate your thoughts on the moment, expressly by focusing only on your rhythmic breath. As soon as your mind wanders to its usual pessimistic thought pattern, you simply steer it back to your breath without anger or critique. Luckily, feelings of peace and acceptance naturally follow intense breathwork.

3. Yoga is An Inner Therapist

Yoga is a lovely compliment to treatment because, like a therapist, yoga helps you monitor how your brain functions. And, much like therapy, there is no judgment concerned. Meditation is just about paying awareness to your thoughts, holding helpful thoughts, and disregarding those that are harmful.

Yoga and meditation will also permit you to train your brain to focus on the optimistic elements of your life. When you envelop yourself with positivity, the fear of negativity diminishes.

4. Yoga Targets Your Anxiety

Acknowledging that yoga is a reliable complement to psychotherapy for anxiety that calms anxiety, stress, and its influences on your body and mind can help enhance your state of mind. Working directly with your nervous system, you rehearse various approaches that effectively disrupt the self-perpetuating fear cycle and help you find relief from your tension. Our specialists on anxiety counseling in Orlando suggest practicing yoga at least weekly to complement your anxiety therapy. Call us today to plan a visit with a licensed therapist.

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