How to Set Boundaries that You Can Actually Stick To

How to Set Boundaries that You Can Actually Stick To

How to Set Boundaries that You Can Actually Stick To

Setting boundaries can be a challenge for those that constantly work to please the people around them. Boundaries are also important to create space that will benefit your mental health and give you a chance to focus on your own needs and wants. Learning how to set boundaries can give yourself the time for self-care and for healthy relationships. As an expert in anxiety therapy, Dr. Phillips is here to offer you with coping strategies to overcome challenges in your life. These are a few ways that you can work to set boundaries that you can actually stick to.

Understand Your Limits

The first step to setting boundaries is to first recognize that you have limits. You must define the things that you are responsible for, like your own tasks, your own home, and your own family, or other important aspects of your life. You also need to take the time to define the things that you are not responsible for. This will help you understand the limitations that you have so you can protect your peace.


When it comes to setting boundaries, overcommunication is the key. You should not stop talking about boundaries that you are placing on your life, as this can allow other people to get the message loud and clear. Setting new boundaries may be difficult for other people, especially if they are accustomed to you being available or willing all the time. Create template responses to set rigid boundaries without feeling any of the guilt.

Do Not Overexplain

You may feel guilty or ashamed when you first start setting boundaries. This practice is something you are not used to, and it can feel jolting and uncomfortable. When you set boundaries or say no to specific outings, you may be inclined to overexplain and provide multiple excuses. You should resist this urge. Boundaries do not require explanation, as you are entitled to protect your space and peace. Simply saying no is just fine, but it may take some getting used to.

Create a “Not” To-do List

It is in human nature to want to create to-do lists that schedule your days, assign tasks, and create expectations for your life. However, consider writing a list of everything you are not going to be doing. Preparing yourself to set boundaries also involves training your mind to say no to things or people that no longer serve you. If you want to prioritize your needs, you may need to start by getting rid of certain activities or tasks that you are not responsible for.

By setting boundaries that you can stick to, you will be able to benefit from having space to yourself and keeping healthier relationships in your life. If you are feeling overwhelmed or constantly worrying about how to please others, you may benefit from the expert in anxiety therapy, Dr. Phillips. To schedule an appointment with us, contact Orlando Thrive Therapy today.

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