How to Know When You Could Benefit from Marriage Therapy

How to Know When You Could Benefit from Marriage Therapy

How to Know When You Could Benefit from Marriage Therapy

There are clear indications that signal when you and your spouse might benefit from marriage counseling. For example, ongoing relationship problems harm each spouse's physical well-being and mental health. In addition, relationship troubles can impact your children negatively. Finally, marital conflicts can frequently lead to partners saying things that hurt the other deeply. A growing emotional distance can leave spouses feeling like they are stranded on a ship in the middle of the sea, desperate for security, safety, and connection.

A lack of trust and commitment causes toxic interactions that push partners further away from one another rather than building a bridge to better connections. Fortunately, evidence-based marriage counseling in Windermere demonstrates that couples can achieve positive changes through seeing a therapist. Unfortunately, many spouses do not seek evidence-based solutions for improving their relationships. This is likely due to the societal stigma against marriage therapy.

It is no secret that talking about challenging issues in relationship therapy is challenging. Still, when both spouses do their part and stay connected to the therapy process, their results may help create a better relationship. Failing to pursue marriage therapy when underlying issues and emotions are wreaking havoc on your emotional connection, health, and well-being creates severe hardships to face in the future. It's much like rolling a snowball down a hill. The further you roll it, the bigger it gets.

When to consider marriage therapy

Nearly 50% of first marriages end in divorce in America. Unfortunately, second marriages have even higher divorce rates, up to 65%. Furthermore, many married couples choose to stay in the relationship when things are not working well. There are clear indications that signal that you and your spouse can benefit from marriage counseling in Windermere, including:

  • Troubled upbringings cause partners to be emotionally wounded and make it difficult to trust their spouse or remain engaged when conflict happens.
  • Decision-making inequality.
  • Untreated depression and anxiety issues make problems worse in marriage.
  • Unfair feelings about the division of household responsibilities.
  • Disagreement or mismanagement with finances.
  • Parenting style differences that lead to arguments.
  • Addictions, affairs, and abuse.
  • Problems with work, friendships, in-laws, or other life stresses, including health problems.
  • Nonexistent sexual intimacy, lack of desire, or trouble talking about sex.
  • Problems opening up and feeling emotionally dismissed or unsupported.
  • Attachment insecurities resulting from fear of abandonment or low self-esteem.
  • Trust and commitment issues.
  • Falling out of love.
  • Loneliness and emotional distance.
  • Nasty communication habits and escalating conflict.

A professional marriage therapist seeking to deeply understand you and your spouse can help you come up with tools and strategies to change the way you communicate and help shift unhealthy relationship dynamics. They can assist you in talking about complicated feelings in a more vulnerable way that allows your spouse to understand you better and creates an environment filled with love.

It is important to remember that sometimes dealing with these unsettling feelings or shining a light on any underlying issues that cause turmoil in your relationship can lead spouses to divorce. Research indicates that it can be healthy for couples who have extreme conflict to decide to divorce in counseling.

These are just a few of the signs that your marriage may benefit from marriage counseling in Windermere. Call us for more information today.

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