How to Handle a Toxic Relationship

How to Handle a Toxic Relationship

How to Handle a Toxic Relationship

Unfortunately, toxic people exist. These people can bring you down, no matter how happy or full your life may be. When you let toxic friends into your life, you may quickly realize the red flags that they have, and it can sometimes be difficult to handle them. As experts in couples and trauma counseling in Orlando, we work with many people to help them overcome the challenges of leaving a toxic relationship. Whether you have friends, love interests, or spouses that have toxic energy, you will want to follow these tips to properly handle the situation.

Acknowledge It

Toxic relationships, whether they are with friends or romantic partners, can cause you stress and anxiety. You may want to avoid them by not responding to their texts, walking away from them at parties, or just pretending they do not exist. However, this can do more harm than good. Acknowledge that your relationship with them is difficult. Accepting reality will help you find ways to move forward in ways that best serve you.

Know You Are Not Responsible for Them

Many toxic people will try to manipulate or convince you that you are the reason the relationship is what it is. They will try to tell you that you are the one causing the problems or issues. However, you need to remember that you are not responsible for their emotions, or for them in general. By reminding yourself that you are only in control of your own emotions, you can stay grounded on what you believe and feel.

Be Honest

You may feel like you want to lie to keep them happy, because you may be afraid what will happen if they get mad. Although you may have this urge, do your best to fight it. You deserve to have your feelings heard, so do not lie on their behalf. This can just cause you to feel even more anguish about the relationship. When you are honest, you can stay true to yourself, which will keep you happy in the long run. Remember that you are not responsible for how others feel, but you are responsible for how you feel and act. Telling the truth will allow you to feel satisfied with yourself, no matter what anyone else says.

Learn to Forgive

Although it may be difficult to spend time giving positive energy towards toxic people, you can acknowledge forgiveness for yourself. They are obviously battling something if they continue to manipulate and push their agendas on other people. Giving yourself space to be kind and forgive them through their suffering may give you the freedom you need to accept their situation. This does not mean that you have to mend towards their needs, it just means that you can be kind and be happy about that.

By taking these steps, you can remove yourself from a toxic relationship so that you can once again thrive on your own. If you are dealing with a toxic person in your life, talk with our experts in either couples or trauma counseling in Orlando.

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