How To Balance Marriage and Family

How To Balance Marriage and Family

How To Balance Marriage and Family

Both individual and marriage therapy counselors in Orlando suggest that a vast majority of people want peace between their partners and family. It can be said that it is built on the grandiosity of a “picture perfect” way of living where everyone in a person’s life gets along. Not saying that this is not achievable, but, about 50% of relationships and individuals obtain this “picture-perfect” family dynamic. The other 50% struggle to find a balance and a way for both their own relationship and family relations to coexist and reduce any anxious stress on the person. If this sounds familiar to you, marriage therapy experts are available at the ready to help you work through this. It can be stressful, nerve-wracking, and make you feel as though you are failing but that is just the emotional side of it.  It is not a true indicator of what is going on. Before reaching out for marriage therapy in Orlando with a relationship expert consider some of the following points. 

Why are both partner and family relationships important to you?

Seems like a simple question on the surface but can bring deeper levels of questioning and retrospect. Why is the marriage you are in with your partner important to you? Is it because there is a need to be fulfilled outside of your other relationships? How do you feel when you are around your partner? What is it that you value about them and what do they bring to your life?  These are just some of the vast number of questions to be asked but are not meant to be unanswered. The same questions can be used when reviewing the family relationships that are important to you with a few added topics. How important is family to you? What do you value about your family and what was instilled in you growing up? To find a balance between both, the first step as suggested by marriage therapy counselors in Orlando is to ask these questions and discover the answers that keep these relationships in your life. 

How to try to balance family and intimate relationships?

The simple answer is going to sound simple.  The best way to handle the balance between marriage and family is to advocate for yourself.  Talk about what the difference and unbalance cause you to feel with your partner. By communicating your needs, you are allowing both your partner and family members to have a deeper look into your emotional state.  This gives them a chance to understand what actions are causing any negative emotions. 

Then, try setting healthy boundaries with the expectation that they can evolve. An example of a healthy boundary is to have all parties agree to be cordial and to speak directly to each other instead of placing you in the middle. This can evolve to them hopefully asking you open-ended questions if something does arise and work through it together. It will not be an overnight process but ultimately this is for you to seek balance in your life and have the most important people in your life cherish you and your needs.  Lastly, seeking marriage therapy in Orlando will also provide you with insight and perspective to a healthy path.

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