How to Ask for Help When You Are Battling Mental Health Issues

How to Ask for Help When You Are Battling Mental Health Issues

How to Ask for Help When You Are Battling Mental Health Issues

When you are going through a hard time, it can help to have friends and family to lean on, cry with, and talk to. It can actually save your life to talk about your emotions instead of keeping them inside your mind and letting them toil. Mental health therapy in Winter Park can also help to prevent any self-harm, suicide, or other negative actions that mental health crises unfortunately lead to sometimes. When you are battling mental health issues, everyone will say “seek help,” and you should. However, how do you go about getting help in these situations? These are a few ways that you can ask for help when you are having concerns about your mental health.

Reach Out to Family and Friends

You should have a few trusted individuals that you can feel safe while discussing issues regarding your mental health. When you are having a rough day or you have encountered things that trigger you, you want to feel safe to open up to others. Discussing your emotions is a positive way to cope and manage your mental health, as you will be able to feel safe without bottling up your thoughts.

Talk to Your PCP

If you believe that you need more help to manage your mental health, it can be beneficial to start a conversation with your PCP. Talk to your primary care provider to listen to their options available to you, as they may be able to recommend you to a psychiatrist, counselor, or even provide you with medication management. It can also be beneficial to trust a health care professional with this information, as they are trained to handle matters of mental health.

Contact a Local Counselor

Counseling is another great option for those looking to find strategies to manage their mental health. When you have talked with friends and family, and you still feel lost or stuck in a negative pattern, you can work with a counselor. Counseling can offer you insight into your emotional health, which can help to identify triggers and develop strategies to cope and manage your mental health. When you dedicate yourself to this process, you can truly learn how to thrive.

Find a Support Group

Support groups are also available for those battling mental health issues. Whether you are going through a tough time with loss or trauma, or you are battling depression or anxiety, you can certainly find a group of individuals that are struggling through the same issues. Talk to your community to find resources to meet up and talk with others that are navigating the same challenges as you. This can help us to feel less alone despite the isolation that many mental health issues may cause.

Get Immediate Help

If you are experiencing negative thoughts of self-harm or suicide, you need to seek immediate help. Visit your local emergency room or contact an emergency doctor to get the assistance you need right away. By asking for help, you can prevent feeling negative emotions and you can learn the tools you need to cope and manage your mental health. If you are looking for a trusted professional, contact us to schedule your mental health therapy in Winter Park today.

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