How Social Media Affects Our Mental Health

How Social Media Affects Our Mental Health

How Social Media Affects Our Mental Health

We are currently living in the digital age where many people spend their time scrolling and posting their daily lives and constant activity online. These updates can seem fake, as they are generally filtered and curated. They often give the allusion that life is perfect, despite the true challenges that are happening behind closed doors. Exposure to social media can actually have negative effects on mental health, causing many people to doubt themselves, compare themselves to others, or simply overthink social interactions. As experts in individual counseling in Orlando, we understand the effects of social media on those with fragile mental health. These are just a few ways that social media can affect mental health – no matter who you are.

Triggers Sadness

Studies have shown that scrolling through social media platforms, like Instagram and Facebook, have been linked to less life satisfaction and general discontent. When people spend their time looking at the highlight reel of other people’s lives, it can be easy to judge your own life or become discontent with what you are doing. The perception that may people portray on social media can cause others to become jealous or wonder why their lives are not the same, which can trigger depression and sadness.

Has Addictive Qualities

People can spend hours upon hours browsing through social media. Many people can fall into the trap of looking for someone, and then hours later, they find themselves scrolling through pages of celebrities or comparing their lives to someone else’s from their past. However, when it comes time to draw yourself away from these habits, it can be difficult. Many people even suffer the symptoms of withdrawal when they pull away from social media.

Leads to the Vicious Cycle of Jealousy

Social media is simply a highlight reel. However, people do not always remember that people only post the good stuff online. This leaves plenty of room for jealousy because you may want what someone else is posting. You may want to be at the beach, or you may want to have a night out with your friends at some exclusive club. It can be easy to be jealous of someone else when you are on the outside looking in. When you become jealous while looking at social media, remind yourself to keep perspective and always focus on the fact that it is simply a snapshot of one moment in time.

If you struggle with finding a healthy balance of social media interaction, you may want to consider talking with a professional in individual counseling in Orlando. These sessions can teach you a healthy perspective and give you the boost of confidence you need to create boundaries with social media in your daily life. Contact Orlando Thrive Therapy to schedule your first consultation with us today!

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