Having Anxiety after a Breakup

Having Anxiety after a Breakup

Having Anxiety after a Breakup

The end of a relationship can come as a shock to you or your partner. In some cases, perhaps you and your partner knew that this relationship was heading towards an end and mutually ended it or perhaps one of you ended it abruptly with no warning whatsoever. Nevertheless, there is anxiety that can persist after a breakup. What exactly can this anxiety be you may ask?

Well, Orlando anxiety therapists find that anxiety surrounding a breakup stems from wondering and questioning what the other person is doing. This is impactful because just like a raw muscle, this new normalcy that you need to adjust to is slowly settling in and the requirement to build a new identity is becoming more evident. This anxiety can allow you to keep giving power to your ex-partner and through your subconscious thinking allow yourself to make decisions and directions based on what you believe they are doing.

Reasons for Anxiety After a Break-up

Anxiety can also stem from the worry of not being able to find another partner and catastrophizing the worst-case scenario of you not finding anyone else. This is why anxiety therapy in an individual therapy setting could be very impactful for you. This platform can allow you to feel empowered and gain control over this anxiety and anxious cognitive thinking. The focus, or shift that needs to be made, needs to be on what you need as well as normalizing that the good qualities you were able to achieve from this relationship can still be found in another one. 

Learn to Move Past Anxiety 

Anxiety takes away the ability for you to see who you are and the strengths you have which lead specific individuals down a path where the breakup affects their own personal identity. Don’t allow anxiety to hold power over you but take the power back, be thankful and grow from the anxiety, and choose yourself! Seek the help of a professional anxiety expert that can help you work out issues preventing you from living your best life!

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