Four Ways to Overcome the Sunday Scaries

Four Ways to Overcome the Sunday Scaries

Four Ways to Overcome the Sunday Scaries

Living life in the fast line can be exhausting. When you are always going, it can be hard to shut down and give yourself time to unwind and decompress. Sundays are perfect days for decompressing after a long week of work and social activities. However, Sundays often bring another set of anxieties known as the ‘Sunday scaries.’ When you suffer from the Sunday scaries, you may want to hide away from life or feel concerned, stressed, or anxious about the week ahead of you. This can stunt productivity, lead to a system shut down, or just make you feel on edge all day long. As experts in individual therapy in Orlando, we are here to help. These are a few ways that you can overcome the Sunday scaries this week.

Make Sunday Fun

Feeling anxious, scared, or uneasy? Plan a Sunday Funday! Get a group of your best friends or family members together and do something to get out of the house, like explore the city, go to brunch, or just have a picnic outside. If you do not want to plan an entire day out, plan a part of your day to take a long walk or just sit quietly and read a book. When you do something that you enjoy, you can take your mind off the stress of the week in front of you.

Go Easy on Yourself

So you didn’t have the most productive weekend? That’s okay. If you overslept, spent time with friends, and avoided all the housework this weekend, it’s okay. Feeding your soul by enjoying things you love to do is another way to boost your wellness and keep your mental health in check. Some people get the Sunday scaries because they remind themselves of everything they did not do. Instead of focusing on that, remind yourself of all things you did do – fun, productive, and everything in between.

Turn Your Phone Off

Are you already tempted to start checking your emails or reminding yourself of that busy Monday schedule? Ditch the phone and avoid doing that until tomorrow morning. This behavior will make your weekends feel even shorter, and it can even trigger anxiety before you really need to be concerned about these issues. Let Monday be Monday, and give yourself the Sunday you deserve.

Plan Something Fun for Tomorrow

When all you have to look forward to is the dread of the workday tomorrow, consider adding something fun to give you an alternative activity to anticipate instead. Join a Monday night yoga class or plan to stop at your favorite coffee shop on the way into work. By putting your attention towards something enjoyable, you can lessen the stress of Monday morning.

By practicing these techniques, you can work to overcome the Sunday scaries and finally get your Sundays back. Next time you feel worried about the week ahead, take a step back, unwind, and practice methods to decompress and enjoy life. If you struggle with anxiety or stress of work, contact our experts in individual therapy in Orlando for a consultation today!

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