Four Tips to Restore Intimacy in Your Marriage

Four Tips to Restore Intimacy in Your Marriage

Four Tips to Restore Intimacy in Your Marriage

Many experts believe that physical intimacy can actually lead to a stronger emotional bond between partners. However, physical intimacy can be difficult for some people to achieve on a routine basis. When you live a busy lifestyle, have many responsibilities in life, have children, and just simply live life on-the-go, you may struggle to keep that intimacy candle lit. When your head hits the pillow at night, the only thing you are thinking about is getting a good night’s sleep to tackle the next day ahead of you. No matter how busy you are, it is important to carve out time for you and your spouse to stay connected. These are a few tips to restore intimacy in your marriage.

Improve Your Communication

Communication is a vital part of intimacy. When you do not feel heard, valued, or respected, you may start to withdraw from your spouse. Sometimes issues with communication arise simply because we do not carve out time to properly talk with our spouses, or we are just always too busy for these conversations. Work on making time to catch up with your spouse by performing daily check-ins and asking them how they are doing. Start small and then add more time and lengthier conversations as you go.

Schedule Time for Each Other

Your busy life should not be an excuse for lack of intimacy. Physical intimacy is about more than just sex. When you schedule time to be with your spouse, you can learn about their passions, desires, interests, and personality. Although you may think that you already know all of these aspects of them, you may be surprised to know how much can change over the years. By scheduling time for each other, you can rekindle the spark in simple ways.

Incorporate More Romantic Gestures

If the romance is dead in your relationship, it is probably past time to bring it back to life. Start to bring romance back into your marriage with simple, yet meaningful gestures. Send your loved one kind messages throughout the day. Pick up fresh flowers on the way home. Help with the dishes after they cook dinner. These simple tasks will not go unnoticed, and they can help to reignite the spark later.

Create Spaces that Set the Mood

Do your kids sleep in your bed? Are you constantly crawling over the dog to get into the bed? These spaces are not conducive to positive intimacy interactions. By creating a space that sets the mood, you can begin to entertain the idea of physical intimacy with your partner. Keep the bed fresh, organize your bedroom to remove clutter and distractions, and light a candle for some extra ambiance.

Every marriage goes through ups and downs. When you are feeling like your marriage needs some work and you need to spice things up a little, you may want to consider marriage counseling in Windermere. Our experts are here to help you and your spouse have the strongest foundation for your marriage.

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