Five Ways to Promote Relaxation and Reset Your Mind with a Staycation

Five Ways to Promote Relaxation and Reset Your Mind with a Staycation

Five Ways to Promote Relaxation and Reset Your Mind with a Staycation

Are you SO ready for a vacation? We’ve all been in that position, whether you are overwhelmed with too many work responsibilities or you just crave the feeling of getting away from reality. However, this isn’t always possible when life throws more things your way. Our pros offering counseling services in Winter Park suggest having a staycation when you really need to get away but truly cannot escape. Staycations are great ways to promote relaxation and reset your mind – without breaking the bank and having to actually go anywhere. These are a few simple ways you can have a staycation at home.

Have an At-Home Spa Day

True relaxation does not have to break the bank. By having a spa day inside your own home, you can feel relaxed and rejuvenated with the power of a massage gun, a coat of nail polish, and a good, long bath. Turn your bedroom into an oasis by setting the mood. Light some candles, pull down your curtains, and turn on some relaxing music to truly unwind and immerse yourself in the full spa experience.

Stay In and Host a Movie Marathon

Movie marathons are some of the best ways to binge and unwind – especially when you have popcorn and good friends. Choose some of your favorite films to enjoy and host a cozy sleepover that keeps all of you stuck inside for hours, relaxing, and staying warm under blankets on the couch. This can be a fun, relaxing way to spend your staycation without too much stimulation.

Explore Some Local Parks

There are plenty of parks nearby that you can enjoy – just for the morning or afternoon. When you live in Orlando, you can enjoy Lake Eola Park or Lake Baldwin Park for the day. Both of these parks offer many recreational opportunities that also immerse you in nature, right by the lake. By spending the day here, you can relax and reset your mind, giving you all the staycation feelings that you truly need.

Spend a Day at the Beach

When you live in Orlando, you will be able to be at the beach in just a few short hours. Load up your car with a towel, umbrella, and some snacks and hit the beach! Spend your day laying by the ocean, soaking up the sunshine, and you will transport your mind to paradise – without ever having to leave your home city.

Go Camping

Are you looking for a night out without all the hotel expenses? Grab your tent and sleeping bag and hit a local park for an overnight camping experience. You can start a bonfire and enjoy stargazing all night long. Many of these parks also have other amenities, like hiking trails, lake access, kayaking or canoeing, and much more. Enjoy the outdoor experience by grabbing your favorite adventure buddy and go camping for a night or two.

With the help of our counseling services in Winter Park, you can learn how to unwind and decompress without having to plan an expensive vacation. Contact us to book an appointment with our professionals today.

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