Five Ways To Manage Anxiety As A Parent

Five Ways To Manage Anxiety As A Parent

Five Ways To Manage Anxiety As A Parent

Parenting is the hardest and most important thing you've ever done. But unfortunately, there are so many things that can cause parents stress. And then, that pressure can lead to anxiety, making parenting even more difficult! So here are some easy ways to help you manage stress and discover a bit more serenity for yourself.

Create a To-Do List

If you're curious about managing your anxiety, making a list on paper or a computer can help. Focusing on concerns can generate lots of stress. It may help to clear your head by creating a to-do list. Write down everything you need to do on your phone, a sheet of paper, a note on your smartphone, or an app on your computer. And as you list each item, envision yourself releasing this job from your mind onto your list.

Supervise Your Language

Parents often believe things will improve when their kids move on to the next maturity phase. Nevertheless, the truth is that the anxiety will continue until you modify your pattern of thought. So instead, manage the language you use to explain things. For example, don't employ phrases like, "this will be a catastrophe if I don't get it accomplished on time" or "I'll perish of humiliation if I fail."

Also, change introspections of "I have to" to "I want to". For instance, instead of declaring, "I have to sign the children up for martial arts," say, "I want to sign the children up for martial arts because I know they'll adore it."

Get Some Fresh Air

There's not much better than some fresh air and sunshine to relieve anxiety. Put the baby in the stroller and take a walk around the block, to a neighbor's place, or to a local playground. Take your children to an outdoor mall or relax on the terrace of a frozen yogurt shop and share a frosty treat. You can also go to the local library. Some libraries also include outdoor patio areas where you can relax and read with your little ones.

Try Mindfulness Exercises

Try deep breaths from your abdomen if your anxiety is hard to control. While doing this, focus on five items you can see, four items you can touch, three items you can hear, two items you can smell, and one item you can taste. This will help relax you when you're feeling panicked or anxious.

Employ Your Support Network

Contact your friends or family to talk or ask for guidance. It may also be helpful to vent in a parenting group or other online support group. You can also contact your therapist, make an appointment, and work through your challenges. Working with a therapist in family therapy or in-home marriage therapy in Orlando may be a great place to begin if you struggle to cope with anxiety as a parent. Get started today!

Support Through Counseling

Parenting is challenging under the very best of circumstances. Add in stress around work, health concerns, family difficulties, etc and it's no wonder so many parents feel anxious. If you find that your anxiety impacts your capacity to be a happy, successful parent, it might be best to speak with a professional who can assist.

Use these recommendations for managing anxiety as a parent. Contact us today for family and in-home marriage therapy in Orlando.

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