Five Signs Your Marriage Is in Trouble

Five Signs Your Marriage Is in Trouble

Five Signs Your Marriage Is in Trouble

Whether you have been married for 30 years or 30 months, your relationship can hit some hard times but when do the hardships become too much strain for a couple? That isn't a clear cut answer. First, you have to define was failure is for a marriage. Just because a couple may not be currently happy does not indicate that their relationship is over. For those willing to do the work in marriage counseling in Orlando, you may be able to salvage your relationship and rebuild its foundation. These are a few signs that your marriage may be headed for trouble.

Lack of Intimacy

For starters, a lack of intimacy may cause a rift in your relationship. While no relationship should ever be based off sex, sex is important for healthy relationships. It is not only a good way to relieve stress and have fun, but can also act as a way to connect to your partner in a more intimate and vulnerable way. A healthy relationship will have a healthy sex life. A healthy sex life is not always about frequency, but quality. If you are no longer attracted to your partner, it may be time to find out what changed.

Lack of Quality Time

The second sign is often a lack of quality time with your partner. If you don't feel like continuing date nights, or even just spending your free time with your spouse doesn't interest you, then you should probably slap a toe tag on the relationship. While space is important for both partners in a marriage, too much space with almost no together time is dangerous.

Too Much Arguing

Arguing is normal in any relationship. That doesn't mean that you are in a healthy relationship if you and your spouse are constantly arguing. A relationship works best with the practice of communication. If you notice that your arguing is exceeding the lines of communication and begin to dip into the realm of toxic, then it is a sign to approach your relationship from a new angle.

Broken Trust

Put simply, if you have lost interest in your partner, and trust seems like a long forgotten concept, then your marriage is heading for failure. If one spouse has cheated on the other, this can break trust beyond repair. Certain circumstances may cause a lack of trust that breaks the bond of your marriage and makes it seem difficult to ever find your way back.

Lack of Communication

Communication is essential in building and maintaining a relationship. Communication is preached as the #1 way to save and keep a marriage going. If you struggle to communicate with your spouse, you may want to find ways to work on your relationship. If you do not feel valued or heard, your marriage may be in trouble.

That all being said, marriage counseling in Orlando is an option if both you and your spouse are willing to do the work. If you are ready to work on your relationship, contact Orlando Thrive Therapy to hear about our marriage counseling options today!

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