Family Counseling in Dr. Phillip's

Family Counseling in Dr. Phillip's

Family Counseling in Dr. Phillip's

Family counseling in Dr. Phillip's is very impactful for the family and the relationship. Initially, family and couples therapy can both be considered family counseling. If you are married then your partner is your family and you are doing family counseling. If you have a child and are wondering how to be the best parent to your child then you would be seeking family counseling. This would be with your child or in an individual therapy session as well. 


Family therapy can be individualized so being that if someone in the family unit is causing significant distress and impairment on your life and causing anxiety or other cognitive distortions to arise. Family counseling in Dr. Phillip's would focus on a lot of role-playing and visualization. Being able to practice how to respond, engage, and open up in the family unit can all be done through family counseling. In more cases than not, the ability for the family or family member to practice how to engage and speak within the unit in a safe and comforting environment is just as powerful as being together in a group session as well. 


Remember, family counseling is serving the purpose of benefiting the family unit and having all members engage in respectful, open dialogue and strengthen relationships and boundaries. Parental counseling can even be considered family counseling to therapists in Dr. Phillip's because the focus is how the parent is being able to interact with the child within the home. So, if you are considering family counseling consider first the type of family counseling you would like and then reach out to a therapist in Dr. Phillip's and go to the first session. This could be the session that is able to achieve everything you need and it shows that you are ready to start on a great therapeutic journey.

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