Dr. Phillips Counseling: Putting in the 10%

Dr. Phillips Counseling: Putting in the 10%

Dr. Phillips Counseling: Putting in the 10%

Dr. Phillips Anxiety Counselors like to incorporate the therapeutic equation into their practice of anxiety counseling. The therapeutic equation is something that can define the success of anxiety therapy. The equation is as follows: in all anxiety therapy it should be 45% of what the therapist gives the client, 45% of what the client will give back to the therapist, and most of all, the 10% that the client does outside of the office setting,  That is what will secure and lock in the process for successful change to happen. 

Focusing on that small 10% piece is the most crucial for any successful Dr. Phillips counseling successful outcome. Your individual anxiety counselor in Dr. Phillips utilizes this 10% by providing tools and techniques to practice outside of sessions. By doing this work, the individual will begin to see the everlasting change in their life that they want to see. This 10% incorporates the idea of to-do techniques at home such as breathing, mantras, self-help assignments, desensitization exercises, journaling, and everything else in between implemented into the real world. 

Even more so, the 10% that can make any anxiety therapy successful is truly embodied in all Dr. Phillips counseling sessions as well. That could include couples therapy, men's therapy, women's counseling, grief counseling, or any others.  Dr. Phillips counselors help facilitate and teach clients how to practice what is learned in sessions outside sessions. Even for clients suffering from panic attacks, OCD, fear, nervousness, or chronic worry, they can feel changes even after the first session if they implement this 45/45/10 rule. Don’t bypass the 10% but embrace it and use everything you learn in therapy to live the fulfilled life you want!

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Heather Oller is the owner and founder of Orlando Thrive Therapy, Coaching, and Counseling. She is a licensed counselor and a family mediator who has over 23 years of dedicated work as a professional in the mental health field. Through her company's mission, she continues to pave the way for future therapists, and their clients, who want a higher quality of life....and who want to thrive, rather than just survive. You can contact Orlando Thrive Therapy at (407) 592-8997 for more information.