Defining Attraction to a Partner

Defining Attraction to a Partner

Defining Attraction to a Partner

Attraction can be defined in many numerous ways in a relationship. Often, marriage therapists suggest that most attraction in a relationship occurs when the needs of each partner are being met. However, having a clear definition of what attraction can look like in a relationship can lead to the fulfillment and finding of a long-lasting, positive relationship. Initially, attraction to a partner was defined as just physical. Physical attraction does play a part in a relationship but is not the only way to decide if attraction is present in a relationship. 

Attraction in a Marriage

There can also be an emotional attraction. This type of attraction is free of physical, mental, and even spiritual and focuses more on how the partners can experience and express emotions with one another. The emotional connection even focuses on the safety that emotions can have in the relationship and the ability for the partners to be raw with one another. Another form of attraction is spiritual attraction. This is where each partner feels spiritually connected to one another regardless of looks or past background information and is more focused on continuing their spiritual growth together as a supporting unit. 

Marriage Therapy Goals

The question now needs to be asked is how does one know the type of attraction they are attracted to? The answer is through trial and error. There will be many potential partners that come into contact and each offering their own version of attraction and it is up to the person to decide if that attraction meets their standard for love and care. There is no right or wrong answer to this, and marriage therapy in Dr. Phillips can provide a great opportunity to find the type of attraction that works for the person to begin and find a whole-bodied relationship that works and supports them.

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