6 Reasons to Consider an Out-of-Network Therapist

6 Reasons to Consider an Out-of-Network Therapist

6 Reasons to Consider an Out-of-Network Therapist

Most people would never consider seeing an out-of-network therapist, but sometimes it makes more sense. If you need individual therapy in Orlando, here are some reasons to consider out-of-network providers.

You found the perfect match

It is essential to find a therapist you feel comfortable opening up to if you want the best healing experience. Considering only in-network providers means eliminating therapists who may be a perfect fit and help you quickly. Working with a therapist you are not comfortable with just because they are in your network wastes your time and money. Always prioritize your mental health and wellbeing by working with a provider who offers the best possible results. You deserve it!

You are not using your insurance benefits

Some people are uncomfortable seeing a therapist on their parent's insurance plan and prefer to keep their care private. In cases like this, you will need to pay for therapy out-of-pocket. Since you will have no financial assistance, look for providers who work on a sliding scale if your financial situation is limited. Some therapists even charge lower rates for cash clients.

You want a combination of talk therapy and pharmaceutical management

Some psychiatrists provide medication management and talk therapy for a more comprehensive view of your mental health needs. In most cases, these providers are self-pay, but the highly coordinated care and convenience are worth the cost.

You seek highly-specialized care

When therapists are not limited to offering services covered by insurance, they can spend more creativity and time designing the perfect treatment plan for your situation. Out-of-network providers can provide longer, more frequent visits than what may be covered by your insurer. They also sometimes offer unique therapy solutions. For example, if you fear public transportation, your therapist might go with you on the subway or bus to help you confront your phobia. Services like this are not billable by an in-network provider, so they generally don't offer them.

You have decent out-of-network benefits

Depending on your plan and therapy rate, your insurer may allow as much as 80% reimbursement for out-of-network providers. So, it is just as affordable to see an out-of-network provider with your standard copay taken into account in some situations.

You need a provider with unique skills

While most therapists are qualified for treating common issues like depression or anxiety, you may need to look out-of-network to find a specialist to address specific challenges you face. Most specialized therapy providers are private pay. So, if you find a provider who has the skills to address your issue directly, it is worth some research. Think about your dream provider. If you picture any of the following, or another niche professional, consider looking out-of-network:

  • A specialist in LGBTQ couples
  • A specialist in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • A specialist on insomnia
  • A specialist on OCD
  • A specialist in eating disorders
  • A therapist of color

These are just a few reasons you might consider an out-of-network provider for individual therapy in Orlando. Contact us today to learn more about the specialized treatment we have available for you.

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