6 Reasons for Starting Marriage Counseling

6 Reasons for Starting Marriage Counseling

6 Reasons for Starting Marriage Counseling

Research has found that the average married couple waits nearly six years before seeking assistance with marital problems. That is a really long time to live in an unhappy relationship. So if you consider attending therapy to improve your marriage, it is helpful to consider the many benefits of marital counseling. Experts offer these top reasons to see Dr. Phillips, marriage therapist.

You want fewer fights and better communication.

While it is improbable that married couples will ever see eye-to-eye on absolutely everything, it may be time to work with a therapist when arguments happen very frequently and cause significant amounts of distress in your relationship. Marriage counseling can help address any underlying issues in your relationship. In addition, your marriage therapist will help you find new ways to connect, even when you have disagreements, leading to a higher level of satisfaction in your relationship and less fighting.

You hope to deepen your emotional connection.

When married couples fall in love, they often spend significant amounts of time getting to know each other better, leading to solid connections emotionally. However, as life proceeds and kids, work, or other responsibilities start to get in the way, married couples find less time for connecting. If this is a problem in your relationship, you may feel unsupported and lonely within your partnership. Marriage counseling can help you prioritize one another and reconnect, leading to a more secure attachment and improved emotional intimacy.

You wish to improve your physical intimacy and sex life.

If you or your partner are unhappy with your sex life, you may be left feeling dissatisfied, rejected, alone, or frustrated. Then, to make things more complicated, many spouses feel nervous and uncomfortable talking about the topic. A marriage therapist can help you discuss your expectations, desires, sexual concerns, and unmet needs in a highly supportive environment that will help you attain the sex life you want to have.

You need help discussing touchy or difficult topics.

Unfortunately, sex is not the only complex topic that can be hard to discuss with your spouse. For example, suppose you have something very important to you, but you're having difficulty discussing it with your spouse. In that case, a marriage therapist can help you work through and address the issue in an environment full of support.

You need to rebuild your trust.

There are various ways that spouses can lose trust in a marital relationship. For example, infidelity can tear apart your relationship, broken promises can hurt you, and small lies can quickly add up. However, when both spouses are committed to improving their marriage, it is possible to rebuild trust. A marriage counselor can help you secure and rebuild a more satisfying and trusting relationship.

You want to live longer and be healthier.

Most people are unaware that unhappy marriages can increase a person's chances of illness by nearly 35% and shorten their life span by up to four years. Research shows that having a healthy marriage can reduce the occurrence of cancer, heart attacks, and pneumonia. In unhappy relationships, chronic stress has significant psychological consequences. So improving your union through marriage counseling can often improve your health.

These are just a few reasons to call Dr. Phillips, marriage therapist. Call us today for further information.

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