5 Ways to Cope with Anxiety

5 Ways to Cope with Anxiety

5 Ways to Cope with Anxiety

There are many causes and triggers of anxiety. Anxiety itself comes in many forms. One thing remains the same, no one wants to deal with it. It is burdening, constant worry or emotional chaos that is caused by anxiety. Some people shut down, some lash out. They all want a way to make it stop. Unfortunately, anxiety can affect your life in these negative ways. Some handle it better, others find methods of coping. When you are looking to manage your anxiety, you will want to try some of these common coping techniques.

Keep Your Health in Check

Healthy minds are reflections of healthy bodies. If you want to control the way your head makes you feel, control how your body feels. Monitor your blood sugar, pressure, and general physical condition. When you put a focus on your physical health, you will find that mental hurdles become more manageable. Eating unhealthily, poor exercise routine, and bad sleeping habits will raise your anxiety in many stressful situations. Keep your health in check.

Limit Stimulants

Coffee, energy drinks, caffeine pills, cigarettes, alcohol, drugs and even some prescriptions will induce your anxiety level and make you feel wound up. Monitor what is going into your body, and make sure to note how certain influences you take in dictate your emotions and actions.

Practice Deep Breathing

If you begin to practice deep breathing, you will find that your mind and body start to relax. This is because, deep breathes will help lower the rate of your heart and your blood pressure. When your body takes in this moment of calm, it will release your brain's 'fight or flight' response. Doing this is one way to offer yourself clarity and anxiety relief quickly.

Take The Time to Meditate

Our past regrets and the direction of our future cause more anxiety than many care to admit. The idea is to face these regrets, and grab hold of your future. Meditation is a way to achieve mindfulness while allowing you to live in the present. Two minutes a day of mindful meditation can reduce your anxiety levels. You can also strengthen the connection you have with yourself.

Seek Out Counseling

Therapy and counseling can do wonders when you are overwhelmed with anxiety and the negative impact it can create on your life. Now, talking to someone about your anxiety or mental wellness may cause anxiety all on its own. However, when you find a professional in mental health therapy in Winter Park to talk to, it gets easier. The easier it gets to open up about your anxiety and its triggers, the less they will control you.

All of these steps are effective, they do work. You have to be willing to give them an honest try. Don't live a half-life just because anxiety tears you apart. If you are ready to try mental health therapy in Winter Park, contact us today.

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