5 Signs Your Marriage Is in Trouble

5 Signs Your Marriage Is in Trouble

5 Signs Your Marriage Is in Trouble

Are you having trouble with your partner lately? Marriage is full of ups and downs, but when you notice that your marriage has been going down a rocky road, you may become worried. However, you can still seek professional help and sort out most problems with our expert in marriage counseling, Dr. Phillips. If you believe the love is still there, you can then decide to work on things. These are a few signs that your marriage may be in trouble.

No Intimacy

Can you remember the last time you were intimate with your partner? If not, that could mean a significant drop in your sexual relationship. Sometimes, it can be due to ordinary reasons, like a busy schedule. But it is one of the main aspects of a marriage. Intimacy brings you closer to your spouse. If this is the case, you can start building intimate contact with your partner. It all starts with small actions, like holding hands, bringing surprises, and handwritten letters.

Lack of Communication

One of the worst problems between a couple is a lack of communication. If you are parents, you rarely get the chance to discuss your relationship. That’s because you are burdened with your children and work. But a strong relationship consists of clear communication. Partners should be able to share their feelings and emotions with each other. Bottling up your emotions can lead to even larger problems.

Fewer or No Arguments

Arguments may seem aggressive, but they are part of every healthy and happy marriage. Having no arguments whatsoever is a bigger problem. That means you avoid discussing a problem with your partner. This problem also occurs due to a lack of communication. While having arguments is okay, it is not good to discuss the same issue again and again, endlessly having the same fight. If your argument is based on the same subject, that is not a good sign. And the only key is to upgrade communication with your spouse.

Broken Trust

Are you feeling a lack of trust toward your spouse? That is one of the biggest problems that could arise in a marriage. Every relationship is founded on trust. And if it is no longer there, you can expect some bad signs. It leads to bottling up some bad feelings for your partner. Plus, a dying trust creates instability in your relationship.  

Looking for Solace in Others

In a failing marriage, people usually look for others. These can be your friends, coworkers, etc. However, relying on someone other than your partner is not good. It creates a void in the relationship. You may eventually find yourself looking for everything you should want in your marriage, but in a different person other than your spouse. Not only can this lead to infidelity, but it can be a sign that you should have some serious conversations with your spouse.

If one or all of these signs show up in your relationship, don’t think this is the end. You can still seek professional help and solve these problems with the help of an expert in marriage counseling, Dr. Phillips. Contact Orlando Thrive Therapy to schedule an appointment with us and work on reviving your marriage today.

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