5 Couple’s Therapy Exercises to Improve Your Relationship

5 Couple’s Therapy Exercises to Improve Your Relationship

5 Couple’s Therapy Exercises to Improve Your Relationship

It is no secret that relationships require hard work and commitment to succeed and that relationship problems are expected. Most couples experience conflict, but the smart ones find guidance and comfort from a qualified therapist. Couple's therapy is where a licensed counselor works with a team to enhance their relationship. Like any other type of therapy, couple's counseling demands a willingness to be open and committed to the process from both parties. This process allows couples to have vulnerable conversations in a safe and loving environment and have a more secure bond with each other. If you believe that couple's counseling in Orlando may be right for you, our experts offer the following exercises to get you started.

Unplug from your devices

Research shows that many couples in serious relationships complain that their partners are distracted by their phones when they spend time alone together. However, it is essential to recognize that when you focus on your phone instead of your partner during intimate moments, your relationship is likely to suffer in the long run. If your relationship is struggling due to electronic distraction and a feeling of abandonment, try setting aside some time without electronic devices to focus strictly on one another. This distraction-free environment can help you communicate better and build emotional intimacy that you might be missing out on.

Increase your time cuddling

It is proven that cuddling causes reduced amounts of the stress hormone cortisol and releases oxytocin in your body. That is why cuddling with your partner makes you feel so good. Intimate touching is also proven to reduce stress and lower your blood pressure. So setting aside some extra time for hugging and cuddling may be just the prescription for a better romantic relationship and improved health.

Be grateful

There are various benefits to gratitude, including improved relationships and overall wellbeing. Studies show that sharing feelings of gratitude in your relationship boosts oxytocin, relieving stress and providing a sense of calm. Set aside time every day to share the things you are grateful for with your partner to improve your relationship with one another.

Connect through song

Studies show that you can create strong social bonds through shared music preferences. Try creating a song playlist that reminds you of your partner and the love you share. Trade playlists and get some insight into one another’s romantic side. This can open the door for more intimacy and understanding in your romantic partnership.

Share lists of things you want from one another

Try writing down three things your partner could do during the week to make you feel loved and appreciated. Then, sit together and look into each other's eyes while you share your lists. The lists you create may not be actions that your partner can engage in daily but a small reminder of things they can do weekly to help build better communication and trust. The point of this exercise is to recognize the differences in how you and your partner show and need affection. Cultivating and honoring these differences will help you both feel understood and heard.

These are just a few activities you can try to improve your relationship together. Contact us today for more information on counseling in Orlando to strengthen your relationship and develop a more healthy and loving line of communication.

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