4 Ways to Make Your Spouse Feel Special

4 Ways to Make Your Spouse Feel Special

4 Ways to Make Your Spouse Feel Special

Making your spouse feel loved and special requires some effort and knowledge. However, these small, simple gestures help you reinforce and express your love for each other. Our experts on marriage counseling in Windermere offer the following ways to make your spouse feel appreciated and improve the quality of your partnership.

Send loving messages

Studies show that sending unexpected texts allows you to make your partner feel like you are constantly present in their life. Feeling like a conversation can be started any time they like, even when you are apart, helps convey a sense of shared space and closeness that will keep your union healthy. So whenever you are apart, think about sending your spouse a message letting them know you appreciate them. It can be as simple as asking them how their day is going, sharing something that made you think of them, telling them a funny joke, or flirting.

Support their goals

Even though your personal growth is excellent for your relationship health, your spouse still needs to feel that you are invested in their goals and your relationship as a whole. Studies show that partners who support their spouse for self-growth have higher fulfillment in their union.

Share responsibilities and chores

Studies show that when spouses feel like their partner is doing something for them over their own needs, they feel a sense of gratitude. Unfortunately, most people get easily overwhelmed by everything they need to accomplish. But, taking care of something, large or small, on your spouse's to-do list will show them how much you love them, especially if you have plenty of things you need to do yourself. So, be sure to ask your spouse what you can do to make their day better if you want them to see how much you care.

Learn your partner’s love language

The Five Love Languages, a book by Gary Chapman, has transformed how partners discuss meeting each other’s needs in relationships. The book explains that people show and receive love messages differently. Chapman identifies the five love languages as words of affirmation, receiving gifts, quality time, physical touch, and acts of service. Your love language may be very different from that of your spouse. For example, maybe your love language is receiving gifts, but your partner's is physical touch. Getting your favorite box of chocolates from them after a long day of work may help you feel valued, but that same tactic may work the same for him. Instead, your spouse may feel most appreciated when you give him a backrub. Take some time to discover your partner’s love language and make an effort to show them love in a way that will help them feel most loved.

These are just a few ways to make your spouse feel special. The key takeaway should be to genuinely want to make them feel special and loved by focusing on their wishes, wants, and needs. Contact us today for more information on marriage counseling in Windermere. We are here to help!

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