4 Ways to Cope with the Stress of Moving to a New Home

4 Ways to Cope with the Stress of Moving to a New Home

4 Ways to Cope with the Stress of Moving to a New Home

How does moving cause stress? For starters, you have to take off work. Not just for the day you move, but for the packing and loading. Unloading and unpacking. You have to clean your house before you pack, then again afterwards. Not to mention the labor that is put in to moving an entire household. That is the easy stress. There are all the fine details involved with planning a move that you have to see to, otherwise, it can cause some major inconvenience.

Furthermore, there are always outside stressors that are going to make the process that much more difficult. Chances are, you are preparing for a move and you are feeling a little stressed. Our experts in individual counseling in Orlando suggest certain ways to manage your emotions during a big life transition. These are a few coping strategies to help remove stress from your move.

Organize Everything

In order to prepare for packing, the move, and getting unpacked, you should take the time to organize everything. Start doing this as soon as possible. Just sort your possessions as you go through your house. In this process, you will also declutter your home. This will lessen the stress of having too much to pack, move, and put away.

Organizing your possessions isn't all you should be doing though. Organize your routine. Make sure you are mapping out new routes to work and school. Memorize them and time your drives. That way, when you get moved, you aren't playing any guessing games and can fall into your life as it be.

Give Yourself Enough Time

A lot of households have the ability to organize the actual moving into their schedule on their weekend off, but the entire process requires more time than that. You have to take a massive chunk of time before the day of the move to plan and prepare. You need to have time to rest before the move. And after the move, you will need time to get back into the groove of life. Give yourself enough time to adjust.

Prepare Essential Items First

When you move, you are going to have a brief moment of insecurity and vulnerability. Change will have an impact on all of us. In order to take control in the times of chaos, make sure you have all your essential items in a single back that you keep in your hand. No matter how crazy things become, having those items at arm’s reach will bring comfort and relieve a lot of the stress that you are facing in the moment.

Make a List

One of the best ways to do all of this and help eliminate some of the worst stressors in the process is to make a list. Make several. Mark down everything you need to do and make checklists for those items. Doing this will keep you organized, keep what you need close by, and allow you enough time to handle everything that you have to do.

If you are struggling to handle the emotions that come with a move to a new home, you should consider individual counseling in Orlando. Contact Orlando Thrive Therapy to hear more about our approach to therapy today.

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