3 Ways to Prepare for Marriage Therapy Sessions

3 Ways to Prepare for Marriage Therapy Sessions

3 Ways to Prepare for Marriage Therapy Sessions

Whether you and your spouse have the same fight repeatedly or you just can’t figure out why your relationship is stagnant, a marriage counselor in Orlando can help. Although marriage counseling can give you lots to look forward to, remember that the process is not always easy. Here are some ways for you and your partner to emotionally and mentally prepare for marriage counseling.

You should both invest in the process

One spouse's excitement about marriage therapy could lead to the other spouse's apprehension being overlooked. In most cases, one person recommends seeing a marriage therapist, while the other has some reluctance to seek therapy. So, if you are ready for the process but your spouse seems reserved, take time to listen to their fears with an open heart and mind. Addressing their questions and worries before the first visit may help them be more comfortable with the idea. Marriage therapy is always more successful when both spouses are engaged and ready for profound growth and healing.

Discuss your therapy goals together

Once you are both ready for marriage therapy, it is helpful to decide on mutual goals to share with your marriage therapist. Sometimes this requires asking a few strategic questions to discover your needs and desires, like:

  • How do we want our marital bond to grow?
  • Do we have a healthy conflict style?
  • What attachment style do we each have?
  • Does our relationship have any codependency?
  • Does our intimacy need more quality or frequency?
  • Are we abusive to one another?
  • Do we share the same goals, and what are goals we want to focus on as a couple?
  • Do we need to improve on validating and listening to each other?

Once you know exactly what you need from marital therapy, it is easier to locate a provider who can help your work toward your shared goals.

Prioritize fit and comfort when finding a provider

While your marriage counselor in Orlando has special skills for working with married couples, they each have different styles and approaches. It is essential to focus on fit and comfort when choosing the best therapist to meet your marital needs. Follow these tips for finding the right fit:

  • Read provider bios and watch any videos they have available. A provider’s professional statement and introductory video can give you a clear sense of their demeanor and how they talk.
  • Determine a list of questions to ask potential providers, like "Do you have experience dealing with [our issue]?" Being upfront and honest about what you need to resolve will help you find a therapist who will best fit your needs.
  • Schedule calls with potential therapists. Learn about each potential provider's approach to marriage therapy to decide who most appeals to you and your spouse. Typically you can schedule these calls online for convenience.
  • Consider talking to potential providers separately to ensure you and your spouse are comfortable seeing a provider for in-person therapy sessions.

These are just a few ways for you and your spouse to get ready for marriage counseling sessions. It is critical for you both to feel comfortable and open with the process and the provider you decide to use. Contact us today for more information about our marriage counselor in Orlando. We are here to help your marriage thrive.

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