3 Common Reasons for Divorce

3 Common Reasons for Divorce

3 Common Reasons for Divorce

Do you feel like things are not going great for you and your spouse? Does your partner seem resentful, aloof, and stern every time you speak with each other? In cases like this, you often expect them to come around, let go of the anger, and become their usual selves within a particular time. But, unfortunately, sometimes it does not work like this, and instead, one day you may come home to find all of their things missing from the house and a goodbye note on the table.

Causes of divorce

Our experts on in home marriage therapy in Orlando mention the following common reasons for divorce:

  • Lack of intimacy
  • Financial problems
  • Lack of communication
  • Infidelity

According to studies, the top reasons couples divorce are infidelity, one spouse's unresponsiveness to the other's needs, incompatibility, partner immaturity, financial problems, and emotional abuse. Various circumstances or traits in a spouse can force partners into seeking a divorce. Divorce is often the best option available when you can no longer cope with your spouse. When a couple feels as if they have given the relationship everything they have, they may finally conclude that it is time to dissolve their marriage. It is not uncommon for spouses to continually fight and make up until one day they feel like their marriage cannot be saved.

It is so important not to neglect any marital issues. Even if it seems like your problems are insignificant, your relationship may be heading towards a divorce, too. In the United States, around 50% of marriages end in divorce. It is also important to note that spouses typically divorce within the first seven years of marriage.Interestingly research shows that spouses' marital satisfaction usually increases around their 10th anniversary. Our experts confirm the following reasons that marriages end in divorce:

Extramarital affairs or infidelity

When one spouse goes outside of the marriage to meet their needs, whether sexual or physical, this can end a marriage. Once one spouse feels betrayed, it can be complicated to regain trust. It is estimated that extramarital affairs are responsible for 20 to 40% of divorces. The reasons spouses end up cheating are not as straightforward as most people believe. Resentment and anger are often underlying reasons for cheating and a lack of emotional intimacy or differences in sexual appetite.

Financial disputes

Serious problems can arise in your marriage if you and your spouse are not on the same page about handling finances. According to studies, 41% of divorces are caused by incompatible financial relationships. Anything from financial goals, spending habits, and one spouse making more money can cause power struggles and strain your marriage to a breaking point. In addition, differences in the amount of money each spouse brings into the relationship can also cause power problems between the couple. Stress and money often go hand-in-hand for many married couples. As a result, financial problems are categorized as the most significant cause of divorce behind infidelity, which is the number one reason.

Communication issues

Communication is critical in a marriage. The inability to communicate effectively often leads to frustration and resentment for both spouses, causing problems in every aspect of a marriage. On the other hand, the foundation of the strongest unions is good communication. When two people share a life, they must discuss their needs and be capable of understanding and trying to meet their partner's needs. Expressing yourself with nasty comments, yelling at your partner, and not communicating enough daily are unhealthy ways to communicate that you should eliminate in your relationship. When spouses stop communicating, they can feel lonely and isolated and stop caring about each other completely. This often leads to the breakdown of their relationship. Poor communication is one of the more significant reasons marriages end in divorce. Learning better communication skills to change your marriage problems can be difficult, but it is well worth your effort to improve and save your partnership.

These are just a handful of the reasons that marriages end in divorce. If you want to save your relationship, contact us today about in home marriage therapy in Orlando. We are here to help.

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