Work Life Balance for Orlando Lawyers

Work Life Balance for Orlando Lawyers

Work Life Balance for Orlando Lawyers

“How do I have a healthy work life balance as a lawyer?” or “How am I able to take care of myself after my cases?” are some of the questions Orlando counselors have found lawyers to ask themselves when pursuing a healthier relationship with work.

CBT therapy and career related anxiety counseling addresses the most common issues; Feeling burnt out from too many billing demands, having anxiety as a lawyer, feeling mental and physical fatigue or being unable to appreciate the legal work field you chose.

Developing A Step by Step Plan

Therapy techniques that help a lawyer learn how to overcome anxiety or job stress combined with stress management techniques are very helpful.  This means focusing on developing a step by step plan for having a better work life balance and getting professional anxiety help when needed.

When practicing law, there are high volume stressors that can arise such as an intensive case, the amount of billable hours required, the demands the client may have, or even if you find yourself unsure about how to proceed in a case. It is for these variables that maintaining and developing a healthy work life balance is important for lawyers or all backgrounds.


So what does a work life balance look like for someone practicing law? The first step is distancing yourself from your work. Yes, you read that correctly. You need to put as much distance between your office and your clients as you can when you are not on the clock. This is much harder than it seems, especially when having high demand clients.

That is why our Orlando counselors work with lawyers to develop healthy boundaries to use for high need clients and cases. Having healthy boundaries can make the adjustment into a work life balance a bit easier. It is best to clearly state your boundaries at the beginning of a case or partnership. This can be crucial not only in work, but outside of work too. Counselors in Orlando find a high correlation with poor work boundaries and poor life and relationship boundaries.


Remember your clients don't always need you, even if sometimes it feels that way.  Excel at your career and practice, absolutely, but also excel at giving yourself the opportunity to hit the reset button. Your clients are paying for the expertise and skills you have, and you won’t be able to give them this if you are unable to balance the things you need for yourself.

Counselors who work with lawyers suggest focusing on your office or work space being the place for work and home is a place for rest. Work will be there the next day, but you need to make sure that you are present for that day and have some boundaries ready to go. If you would like to speak to someone about how to develop some of these strategies and boundaries, give us a call!

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