Work Addiction in the Medical Field

Work Addiction in the Medical Field

Work Addiction in the Medical Field

Work addiction and feeling as though your main purpose in life is through work is stressful and can happen in almost any career field. However, as anxiety therapists in Orlando at Orlando Thrive Therapy, we see a higher correlation with those in the medical field as compared to other career paths. Doctors, nurses, and other medical staff can easily develop an addiction to their work which manifests to consistently being on call, unhealthy boundaries with personal and work life, and feeling as though there is always more that needs to be done with not being able to shut off your brain to rest.

This is why to fight against the feeling that work is consuming your life and any possible work addiction is to start setting some boundaries. Now the big question becomes how to set boundaries in the medical field? Setting boundaries is one of the most difficult processes for those in the medical field, many anxiety therapists in Orlando suggest becoming aware of your boundaries as the first step.


One thing to keep in mind is that if you are working in the medical field, you are in a helping field that demands that you help others. However, that also includes yourself, and the need to help yourself while working in the medical field is crucial. Start with any negative thoughts or internalizing cognitive functioning such as “I have to get this done” or “This patient is expecting so much of me” or how about even “What if I can’t perform my job well as a doctor/nurse?”

What we have to tell you is going to sound very simple but very hard to adapt - there is always work that will be done the following day. Becoming addicted to your work in the medical field includes a major piece of feeling as though there is more that needs to be done. There isn’t a feeling and thinking this will lead to burnout much easier. Setting boundaries (with the exception of being on-call) would be making sure when you leave work, work stays there, doing something for yourself and not allowing work or patients to contact you within the hours you are home. Challenge these thoughts of constantly needing to reach a specific level at the workplace and reflect on the day.


Appreciate your wins, address your stressors and feel the emotions of the day and then decompress with something that only you enjoy. The helping field gives rise to developing work addictions and allowing it to consume your everyday thinking and functioning-challenge that! Allow the hours of work to be consumed with thinking for you! If you are unsure of your first step in crafting boundaries within your career, set up an appointment to discuss what boundaries look like and setting goals with an anxiety therapy in Orlando.

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