Why You Should Stick with Therapy… Even When It's Hard

Why You Should Stick with Therapy… Even When It's Hard

Why You Should Stick with Therapy… Even When It's Hard

Are you tired of leaving your therapist's office feeling drained and exhausted?  Do you feel like you are repeating yourself when you are talking to your therapist?  When it comes to individual or marriage counseling in Winter Garden, you may feel as though your sessions are becoming increasingly harder and more draining on your emotions.  Although these feelings may be uncomfortable at first, they actually indicate that the hard work is being done and you are working to better yourself.  There are a few great reasons why you need to stick with therapy, even when the times seem to get tough.

Repetition is Part of the Process

Many forms of therapy involve repetition of specific triggers, behaviors, and thoughts that encourage clients to face difficulties and challenges.  When they are faced with these triggers in a safe environment, they learn coping mechanisms and proper responses.  Continued and repeated practice of these behaviors prepares them to cope with these triggers when they are faced with them in real-life.  Although it may seem to be redundant, this work is critical to success in many types of therapy.

Feeling Your Emotions is Essential

Many people are uncomfortable with expressing their emotions.  This isn't any different in therapy, despite the fact that this space is safe and private.  When people feel a buildup of emotions, they are trained to fight their expression.  In therapy, we work to open those emotions and let the true healing occur.  In order to come to terms with the honest and true emotions, we encourage our clients to feel them and recognize them.

Breakthroughs are Hard

Don't run away when the work gets hard.  In fact, this is when the real work begins.  When you let yourself deal with and learn from the difficult memories, triggers, and emotions, you will feel the most progress from your sessions.  These sessions can be exhausting and draining, but they are working.  These moments actually provide you with clarity and focus in the long run.  Stick with it and do the work so you can feel real results.

It Gets Better

Trusting in the process is the best way to approach therapy.  When you doubt the work you are doing, you doubt yourself.  Be open, honesty, and trustworthy so that you can ultimately live a better and more full life.  When you trust that it gets better, you will be more motivated to put the work and time into the entire process.  This can be life-changing.

These are just a few great reasons why sticking with therapy can actually have great results in the end.  By leaving therapy too early, you risk losing the progress that you've already made.  This can cause you to have to start over once you realize you need it again, or continue living the same life you did before you came to individual or marriage counseling in Orlando.  Contact us to schedule your appointment and stick with us today.

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