Why Do I Keep Making Bad Choices?

Why Do I Keep Making Bad Choices?

Why Do I Keep Making Bad Choices?

This might potentially be one of the most age-old questions we have about ourselves as human beings. If you've noticed a pattern of making "bad" choices in your life, it is not just the fact of how we make that choice but also what is fueling that choice to be made. If this is a recurrent behavior, perhaps it is time to take an introspective look into yourself about what goes on or is going on when these choices are made. Try to think of this question: Are your bad choices being influenced by the emotions or feelings you are experiencing? Most often, this could be starting the point. Many individual therapists in Orlando agree that emotional reasoning often leads to poor choices.


Why do our emotions and feelings influence choices? We at Orlando Thrive Therapy and who offer counseling in Orlando would like to bring your attention to the two minds everyone has: The emotional and the logical mind.  When you get stuck in your emotional mind, it is allowing your thoughts, feelings, and emotions to influence your behaviors and actions in the real world.

It is hard to break the emotional mindset because you are entering into an avoiding pattern of doing everything you can to not feel these emotions. When this happens, think of being impulsive to find the quickest way to not feel these which have impulsivity leading into bad decisions. Similar to the fight or flight response, these bad decisions become patterned and can become hard to break. This is a technique adapted and processed with individual therapists in Orlando.


So how do you go about breaking these bad choices? Try thinking of the needs you have in the world. What is important to you, what means the most to you, and what are you striving to fulfill in your world? Challenge your thinking and try to see what these bad choices will lead to and if that is the reality you want to be living in. Keep in mind that your thoughts will influence how you will feel which will lead to the behaviors or actions you will demonstrate. You're constantly learning and processing in your lifetime, it is never too late to rewrite. Cognitive-behavioral therapy in Orlando with an individual therapist is great for challenging these bad choices and is a form of therapy we personally recommend to start breaking the cycle.

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