What’s your self-definition?

What’s your self-definition?

What’s your self-definition?

A common theme individual therapists’ in Dr. Phillips have noted is the way a client self-defines specific areas and topics. Anxious thinking and a high number of cognitive stressors can arise from the way an individual is seeing and believing something which is the way they are self-defining it.


If an individual is becoming highly agitated and stressed with a situation and are self-defining it as anxious and fearful, what is giving evidence to support such a definition? The human mind is capable of many things and self-defining things is the most common thing to do as it creates a reality that the individual is placing themselves in to live in.

“What are you defining for yourself?”

Anxiety therapy in Dr. Phillips can be focused on just this alone which restructures and reshapes how an individual is self-defining their life concepts to themselves. Self-definition, while it is based upon the individual, is also a mixture of themes that society has placed on the individual through experiences, memories, and interactions. The best question to ask to begin the reshaping process is “What are you defining for yourself?”

Creating Empowerment within Yourself

Most individuals are unable to answer this because their self-definition is discovered through individual therapy as being a baseline from how others have interacted around them. Therefore, to have a strong self-definition, it takes empowerment, choice of self, and self-confidence to be able to stand by the definitions of the world you create for yourself. The world can be stressful and certain things happen that can start to lead us down the path of seeing the negative things and when that happens it is the mind that is causing the self-definition to take hold.

Reshaping your Mindset

Individual therapy in Dr. Phillips is focused on having the person, defining things for them, reshaping the mind, and focusing on the present moment first before engaging with the next because each moment that passes is different from the previous and the next one.

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