What to Do When You Are Overwhelmed with Anxiety or Stress

What to Do When You Are Overwhelmed with Anxiety or Stress

What to Do When You Are Overwhelmed with Anxiety or Stress

Are you tired of feeling overwhelmed by stress and anxiety?  Does stress take over your life?  Does anxiety stunt your ability to thrive?  When you feel out of control due to the amount of stress and anxiety that you have in your life, you may not want to actually get anything done that day.  This can cause lack of motivation, depression, social withdrawal, and more.  As counselors in Orlando, we help many clients work towards alleviating their stress and anxiety to live a more full and stable lifestyle.  There are a few things you want to do when you are feeling overwhelmed by stress and anxiety.

Limit Caffeine

Caffeine can actually work to stimulate your body, which can put your anxiety or stress into overdrive.  It can also cause crashes that stunt productivity or even cause headaches, which can make your anxiety even worse.  By limiting your caffeine, you reduce the chances of having adverse reactions and causing a spike in your symptoms.  You should strive to drink caffeine on a routine to keep your body as stable as possible.

Go Outside

Getting fresh air is another quick way to alleviate your stress and anxiety.  The fresh air can also lead to a fresh perspective and a clear mind.  When you are overwhelmed by house or work responsibilities, you may start to feel your stress bubbling up.  Before it becomes a large issue, take a break.  Get outside and take a walk or sit on a bench.  Breathe in the fresh air, and just remind yourself to feel grounded in the moment.

Take Deep Breaths

Mindfulness can also begin with deep breaths.  When you focus on taking long, deep breaths, you can fuel your brain with the oxygen it needs to slow down and think clearer.  Many people that are making difficult decisions, feeling overstimulated, or suffering from abundant stress claim that taking a deep breath can provide them with the focus they need.

Stay Positive

When you let stress and anxiety rule your life, you will likely feel overwhelmed all the time.  This can cause you to have a negative mindset.  However, you want to remind yourself to stay positive.  When you have a positive outlook, you can instead find a way to focus on the silver linings and the enjoyable parts of life, even when they seem bad in other aspects.

Get Help from Our Counselors in Orlando

By following these steps, you will be able to start managing your stress and anxiety without getting overwhelmed.  Anytime that you are feeling stressed, you want to know a quick way to react so that you can combat any negativity that it might bring to your life.  Stop letting anxiety and stress rule your life and talk to our counselors in Orlando today.  Contact us to hear about how we can help you get on the right path today.

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