What Men Can Gain from Therapy

What Men Can Gain from Therapy

What Men Can Gain from Therapy

It is a well-accepted belief that two qualities define most men: they seldom like to ask for help, and they do not want to talk about feelings. So putting the two together and asking for help about feelings — is the ultimate injury to masculinity.

Men often consider themselves to be strong problem-solvers, but when it comes to emotional and mental struggles, men should make an effort to end the habit of bottling up feelings and just toughing it out. A man’s mental health is equally as important as physical health. Failing to address negative emotions can affect all aspects of life and profoundly impact happiness and stability.

When to see a therapist

Depression is a common reason for a man to need to seek professional help. Many life situations — jobs, romantic relationships, family relationships — can trigger symptoms of depression, such as prolonged sadness, lack of energy, and a constant feeling of stress. For older men, depression can also be triggered by financial fear about upcoming retirement, the death of a friend or spouse, or a loss of independence, like no longer being able to drive. When left unchecked, these feelings can induce additional problems with health, such as insomnia, changes in memory, sudden weight loss, and declining sexual interest. They can even elicit destructive behavior like drug or alcohol dependence.

While some men often recognize these changes when they develop, they are unlikely to perceive the root cause. Even when they do, they may have no idea how to correct the problem. This is when a therapist is beneficial. A therapist is trained to identify the source of the issues and then help regulate them. Orlando Thrive Therapy is a trusted source for men’s therapy in Orlando and surrounding areas, offering a solution when problems are too much for a man to handle on his own.

How to find a therapist

It can be helpful to talk with a doctor about the issues, feelings associated with them, and any symptoms being experienced. They will no doubt have resources for professionals who can help with specific problems. In addition, there are additional resources available to find much-needed help. For example, many employee health care plans offer confidential helplines where you can ask questions and find therapists in your network. The National Alliance on Mental Illness Helpline is also available for assistance. Finally, visit orlandotherapy.com to locate a trusted and discreet provider for men's therapy in Orlando, to make an appointment to see a professional right away.

What to expect

A trained therapist can empower a man to establish goals and then blueprint a strong strategy for achieving them. This will often involve a combo of therapy sessions and assignments to complete in-between visits. Weekly visits are typical but may be recommended more or less frequently depending on individual response to the therapy. After initial sessions, periodic return visits may be recommended to maintain results. Do not be discouraged if there is not a connection with a therapist. It is encouraged and professionally acceptable to find a therapist that sparks a connection. Keep looking. Some therapy offices offer multiple providers, making it easy to switch to someone else if the current provider is not a good fit.

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