What Do Sports Counselors in Orlando Do

What Do Sports Counselors in Orlando Do

What Do Sports Counselors in Orlando Do

How do I improve my game? 

Sports Counselors in Orlando can have a focus on many different things for an athlete. One of the biggest reasons why athletes reach out to sports counselors in Orlando is for the simple question of how do I improve my game? Many individuals may think that it is through hard training and tenacity on and off the field but it is more of a mental headspace game than anything else.

Focus to Performance

Sports counselors in Orlando have a single approach, athlete first then performance. This means that performance on the playing surface comes second while the athlete's overall mental state is the focus and how the mental space needs to be right in order to have the performance the athlete wants. Sports Counselors will use more of a therapeutic base technique and combine that with an observation of the athlete on the playing surface too. This is crucial as the sports counselor will be able to understand when in certain moments a therapeutic technique needs to be implemented and then can utilize the most common technique which is visualization.

What does your goal look like?

Sports Counselors will implement a lot of visualizing techniques with their athletes to be able to have them see what their desired outcome or goal is. Sports Counselors also highly work with an athlete to navigate high stressors of anxiety and worry even off of the field. The concept here is that the athlete is great at their desired playing ability but sometimes they need to be able to have the care to address that.

Athlete to Athlete

There is no better option than a therapist or counselor who is also an athlete themselves. This is also a unique spin for sports counselors as they are sought out because of their relatability to being an athlete and having a deeper empathetic connection to the stressors and stipulations their athletes are undergoing. If you are an athlete reading this and if anything of this clicks, reaching out to a sports counselor could be the next best thing!

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