Three Things Everyone Should Know about Grief

Three Things Everyone Should Know about Grief

Three Things Everyone Should Know about Grief

Are you consumed with the negative emotions of grief?  Do you wonder if the sadness will ever end?  Are you wondering how to help a friend through their grief?  Many people hear that grief comes in stages, but that makes it seem easy to predict what feelings and emotions will come next.  The truth is, however, that grief looks different on everyone, and it also does not always bear the same weight for each loss.  As a counselor in Winter Garden, we help many people cope with their unbearable pain as they learn a new normal.  There are a few things that everyone should know about grief.

Grief is a Normal Reaction

Many people do not understand how to handle their grief, and this is simply because it is a reaction to situation that is not normal.  Death does not occur in everyday life, and some may never have to fully bear the pain of this tragedy.  For this reason, people feel as though it is abnormal.  Grief, however, is a natural reaction to something that is abnormal.  There is nothing wrong with grieving.  In fact, it is a required process to learn how to move forward with life and find a new normal despite the loss you have suffered.

Grief is Not the Same for Everyone

Everyone manages their grief in different ways.  Many people may want to suggest that they have tried or done something differently, but that does not mean that you need to grieve in the same ways.   Also, not all relationships are equal, meaning that all grief will not be created equally.  The closer the relationship of the ones who have passed, the more difficult it will be to grieve the loss.

Grief is Not a Sign of Weakness

Sadness is your body’s natural reaction to the death of a loved one or friend.  It is in no way a sign of weakness.  When you approach someone who is grieving, it is important to suspend judgment to be supportive.  Approach them with patience, support, and genuine care.  When someone has lost an individual close to them, they may take years to recover, and they will also likely be reminded of their lost ones often.  This grief is not a sign that they are weak, and instead it is a normal emotion they carry with them through life each day.  Be sensitive to that and be there for them.

These are just a few of the things you should know about grief, whether you are grieving or helping a friend through their grieving process.  Although it is difficult to bear the grief you are dealing with it, you can trust others to lean on them for support through the tough situation.  Contact our counselor in Winter Garden to hear how we can help you cope today.

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