The Athletes Mental Ability

The Athletes Mental Ability

The Athletes Mental Ability

It takes many defining skills and features to be deemed an athlete. Now, there is no universal law or structure that automatically gives you the title of Athlete. The only person who truly has that authority is the person looking back at you in the mirror. Different skillsets and characteristics identify the ability to be an athlete but one universal ability is always needed-the mental will and capacity to be an athlete. 

As a former collegiate athlete myself, I have experienced this firsthand, and let me tell you something, the mental component is never talked about enough. It is always about the physical and the seeable athletic ability the athlete has but the mental capacity is what carries the stamina to continue pushing and competing for far longer than your body could carry you. The mental capacity is about what you know you need to do to keep yourself grounded and in control. To not allow your emotions to dictate your behavior but your behaviors to control your emotions. 

The Emotional Side To Sports

It is very easy to get caught in the emotional mind of sports because that is what sports are-raw emotion pouring out from different individuals. Because of this raw pouring out there becomes a greater need to numb your senses, look for immediate gratification and even question your own ability and begin to compare yourself to others. Remember, when you start comparing yourself to others you begin to give your power away to that person and allow their potential perception of you to become your new reality. 

Building Mental Capacity

Every athlete needs the mental capacity to engage in sport. Without this mental capacity, it puts an extra tax and level of stress onto you that can become easily overwhelming. A good way to practice building this mental capacity is by knowing what is in your control versus out of your control as well as building empowerment and confidence boosters into your daily routine. Being an athlete is a skill-your skill-be proud of it!

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