Sex Therapy Q & A

Sex Therapy Q & A

Sex Therapy Q & A

Sex. A three-letter word that holds many messages behind it, some positive, some negative. Think about where your mind gravitates to when you think of the word sex. Do you think of the act of it? Do you think of the physical aspect of identity? How do you talk about such a stigmatized topic? Our therapists at Orlando Thrive are learning and training on these crucial topics in order to promote more awareness and education to our clients.


When we think of sex therapy, we mostly think of couples. Intimacy and sex are a layered complexity in relationships. Couples therapists in Orlando agree that communication and individual stressors are common factors in relational issues. Libido and sexual difficulties are easily correlated to other relational stressors.

What makes sex therapy different from normal therapy?

The way sex therapy conceptualizes its clientele is similar to normal therapy in the way we utilize a bio-psycho-social model. This means looking at factors on a physiological level - illness, medication, aging; psychological - sexual being, arousal template (the things that arouse you); social - current relationship, intimacy issues. Sex therapy in Orlando establishes “5 clients” in each session: Partner A, Partner B, Sex Relationship, Relationship History, and Current Relationship. This allows the therapist to compartmentalize each aspect and work on them individually.  


Individual and couples counselors alike gain education in the realm of sexuality, some may specialize in various aspects from gender identity, fetishes, sex workers, etc. If you are wanting to improve your sexual relationship, your relationship with your partner, etc. sex therapy or individual therapy in Orlando is a great place to start the conversation! Tune in for part two of our sex therapy blog where we discuss our arousal template.

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