Sex Therapy Basics

Sex Therapy Basics

Sex Therapy Basics

When you think of sex therapy, you might think of an array of things: sexuality, couple’s therapy, sexual dysfunction, etc. but at the core, sex therapists are therapists who can ALSO talk about sex and topics associated within. We align the basics of sex therapy in two concepts.

The first concept of sex therapy in order for it to work is fostering safety. Both the client and therapist need to feel safe in their practice and displays for therapy to work. Sexuality and sexual functioning are highly sensitive topics, where safety needs to be a foundation. Therapists assure their clients of this parameter upon first meeting. Acknowledging the sensitivity, the craft of mutually creating safety in the therapeutic relationship, validation of the problem at hand, and the healing process.

The second concept is crafted in what sex therapists refer to as the PLISSIT model. PLISSIT is broken down into four sectors that help plan our treatment in therapy.
P: permission
LI: limited information
SS: specific suggestions
IT: intensive therapy

Permission is part of the opening process of validation, normalization of content, safety, and gaining consent for care. Limited information is utilizing proper and relevant sources to our clientele. As therapists, we do not know everything there is to know about all of these topics, which is why we specialize in various techniques and skills. We take what we do know and provide our clients with helpful information that pertains to the problem at hand. Specific suggestions include external resources, homework, and techniques that can improve the client’s wellbeing. Finally, intensive therapy includes a referral network for topics outside of our therapeutic range that interferes with client progress. There are many therapists and healthcare professionals in our world, all with their own mindset and skills, and it’s our job as therapists to know when we’ve reached our limitations.

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