SAT Preparation with CBT

SAT Preparation with CBT

SAT Preparation with CBT

Pressures with Studying 

It is the time of year when high schoolers are getting ready to take the SAT and are finishing up their hard-earned studying for the famous exam. One thing that has been noted by therapists in Orlando is the anxiety that a young teenager can feel from the pressures of needing to perform on the SAT. There is an overwhelming pressure when it comes to the SAT to “pass” and “do well” due to the notion that a good, passing, score will award a teenager the ability of a great college. 

Perception of Defeat

Anxiety therapy and test stress therapy in Orlando have noted that a student at the age of 17 or 18 taking the SAT is found to do worse on the exam when they feel as though their “future” is riding on the results of this exam. This in turn can cause discouragement for continuing education and allow for the perception of failure or not being good enough to start to sink in which can impact the successful fulfillment the teenager can feel in later life. 

Reframing your Mindset

To navigate the SAT, it is through cognitive behavioral therapy and a simple process of reframing the perception the exam has. Yes, it is an important exam to take but also reassuring the test taker that it is not the only way to succeed. If your teenager is getting ready to take the SAT, try sitting down with them and asking how they are feeling about the exam or where their stress levels are at. 

Parental Support

As a teenager, the stress levels can be just as high as a normal functioning adult. Give them support and guidance and most of all reassurance. Common things you can do as a parent to help mitigate the mental effects that the SAT can have on your child and moving forward:

  1. Check-in, but don't pressure!
  2. Encourage and help guide good study habits.
  3. Set up a schedule for the week before the test.
  4. Don't compare your child to other students.
  5. Keep expectations in check and realistic!

If test stress anxiety is getting to your student, team them up with a stress expert. They can learn strategies for meditation, focus, and nerve-calming techniques.  Pairing these techniques with good daily self-care can set the stage for a good testing experience and mindset. Call an Orlando anxiety expert for help if you want to find out more. 

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