Rapid Anxiety Relief 3 Tips For Stopping Anxiety Now

Rapid Anxiety Relief

3 Tips For Stopping Anxiety Now

Rapid Anxiety Relief

The ability to perform rapid anxiety relief requires specialized training and can be very beneficial if you are seeking immediate relief from anxiety symptoms. Anxiety therapists in Orlando who use RRT (Rapid Resolution Therapy) teach clients how to reduce, ground, and focus themselves so their anxiety does not control and overpower them. There are some common techniques that Orlando anxiety therapists utilize in individual therapy for anxiety that you can try today. 

1. GROUNDING - Grounding is a practice where you center yourself in the present moment by physical attachment.  For example, if you carry a small pebble in your bag or pocket with you, touching the pebble during an anxious state can redirect your mind to the present moment. You will also want to focus on your breathing and the feeling of the stone; Its texture, shape, and weight. This will place the thoughts of your mind on the stone and not on your anxious feelings.  

2. MINDFUL BREATHING - Learning how to incorporate breathing techniques into your daily routine will help to drastically de-escalate anxious tendencies allowing the individual to continue going about their day. Breathwork is possible the best technique for rapid anxiety relief that anxiety therapists train their clients about. Mindful breathing is commonly used with a "count," such as 4-4-8 breathing. Orlando anxiety therapists teach their clients this technique by showing them to breathe in for 4 seconds while expanding the stomach. Then you hold your breath and stomach for 4 seconds. Finally, you push your hand into your stomach and slowly let a controlled breath out for 8 seconds. 

3. VISUALIZATION - Combining your breathwork with visual imagery or symbolism can have an even greater impact on your anxiety reduction. Imagine you breathing in all the anxious thinking and anxiety-provoking thoughts that are not serving the best reality for yourself. Breathe it all in, then hold the breath to gather it all up then, be powerful, and breathe it all out!  Imagine all the anxiety leaving your body in that breath. In with the good and out with the bad! Do this until you feel your mind has clarity and peace. 

These are just some of the rapid anxiety relief techniques that can be utilized but find what works for you and reach out to an anxiety expert for extra guidance!

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