Grief counseling in Winter Garden helps when you have experienced a loss that is causing pain and sadness you can't control. Grief is possibly one of the most complex emotions and experiences you have as being part of the human species.  Losing a loved one or not being able to get over the death of a loved one can be hard without the right help.  There are so many layers to grief. It is hard to accept a loss and feeling depressed after experiencing that loss is normal.  Grief counselors in Winter Garden help you find the tools to thrive after you have lost someone you care about. It may seem impossible to get back to your old self after losing a spouse, or friend, or anyone close to you, but it will happen in time.

Everyone experiences grief differently. Grief can stem from extreme loss or overwhelming worry and stress over what is going to happen. If you have experienced any of this then you may be feeling grief. However, as counselors, we want to help you learn that grief can actually help you grow as a human and individual. When you begin working with a professional grief counselor in Winter Garden, you develop a better understanding of how to heal after you have lost someone, something, or feel pain after losing someone or something.   Everyone experiences grief to an extent and each person's experience is unique.


There are lessons in every facet of life and grief is no different. The lessons may not be as clear when it comes to grief but rest assured they are there; You just have to choose to learn them and see them. A common example many grief therapists find is a client who experiences grief from loss. Yes, a loss of a loved one or significant person in your life is tragic and unbearable.  It is normal to wish that they were still here or that they had not had to go through their pain.  It can be hard to find a lesson after death because of the sadness you are experiencing.

One way grief counselors teach clients to heal after this type of tragedy is to help them see their own capability for great love and compassion.  They can see that they discovered what an idealistic relationship is for them after it is gone. Seeing grief in this light can make the grieving process a little more bearable and continues to have the journey pathed for you to walk down. When you experience grief, you feel as though there is no hope and that your path is over. We are here to tell you that it is not.


Grief is teaching you the components that are ideal for you and the capacity you are able to have filled. Grief is teaching you that you are worthy of love and worthy of giving love-if you weren’t then you would not be feeling grief. Grief is teaching you to cherish the present moment, allow the past to stay behind and the future to be written. It is intense, complicated, and unique to everyone, but what is more intense is choosing to allow grief to cut your path short. Experience grief as an emotion, but learn from it as well. Be a human. Grief counselors in Winter Garden recommend processing grief with a licensed professional in order to work through the stages healthily.  

Remember that grieving is not linear and there is no time period that is the same for everyone.  Processing the loss and the emotions that you are experiencing because of losing someone you loved is very important. You shouldn't avoid talking about it or try to find ways to stop the pain that might create more issues for you. Reach out for help as soon as you can and know that grief counseling in Winter Garden can help you get through the stages of grief with the right support.

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