What does my marriage need? What does my relationship need? Where do I stand in this relationship? How do I know when it is time to break up? If you are reading this blog, then perhaps you are contemplating why your marriage or relationship feels as though there is more negative than positive.  You might be thinking that perhaps the relationship between you and your partner feels stale. Winter Garden relationship counseling helps you find the answers to these relationship questions and more.  


This is something our couples counselors in Winter Garden and Orlando spend an entire session talking about.  Your therapist will touch on key points like how you manage conflict, your awareness of each other’s world, what is the purpose for being in your relationship or marriage, how fond you are of one another, and your perspective of what being with each other is like in your relationship. Each of these areas strongly impacts relationship satisfaction. Having negative feelings in a relationship in any of these areas can indicate a decline in your commitment to one another and happiness together.


Ask one another what areas of strength you see in the relationship.  This can help show where you are both excelling in the relationship. If there are areas that don't get mentioned or you are neutral on, then this might indicate areas that potentially need some improvement.  Finally, any areas that do need improvement should not be avoided.  You need to communicate about those areas too so that you can determine if the relationship is worth saving. Having this conversation requires honesty and the ability to communicate effectively with one another. This conversation can even evaluate how the communication style is between the two of you. Your marriage counselor in Winter Garden will help you bridge any gaps in communication.


If you would like to see where your relationship stands or what you would need from your partner try giving this conversation a try. Any open ends can be discussed with one of our relationship experts at Orlando Thrive Therapy. Honesty is key but also honesty with yourself about what you need can open the doors for a deeper connection between partners. Remember, you can always benefit from a couple's counseling session even if there isn't anything "wrong".

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