Mental Side of Offensive Players

Mental Side of Offensive Players

Mental Side of Offensive Players

Sports counselors in Orlando drive their sports counseling practice towards working with different athletes from a variety of sporting backgrounds. When it comes to players in the team sport world, there are different stressors and strains that can impact an athlete based on their position and where they stand among teammates and opponents. 

High Stress as an Offensive Player

Team sports normally have players that play both offense and defense and then there is a position related to goalkeeping. The mental side of an offensive player can be riddled with one question “How can I improve my game?” and it is this question that can become the driving fuel of an offensive player or their main form of high stress and anxiety. 

Performance Anxiety

An offensive player is usually responsible for scoring and since games are won with more points, these players can feel the excessive pressure to where if they do not score or earn points, then the outcome of the game is solely based upon their lack of ability. Offensive players can struggle the most with performance anxiety and having high anxious thinking right before a game due to the unknown outcome or how they will perform. With mindfulness and the help of a sports counselor in Orlando, this mindset is restructured into not placing their mental energy on the facets of sport that they can’t control but instead empowering their ability that allows them to know that they know how to play. 

Focus on the Future Play

Offensive players bring on a high amount of stress as well due to the team performance being on them, which is why every bad shot or mistake made, the player can get trapped in their own head and speak negatively about themselves. Sports counseling in Orlando works towards the idea of having these athletes adopt a “Onto the next one” and don’t hold themselves in the past play so they can make the next play and be mindful of their cognitive stressors. 

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